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“Solo Leveling Season 2”: Will “King Ant” and “Go Byung” return in the upcoming season? Click to know the Release date, Cast, Plot & more!

Solo Leveling is a favorite name among anime lovers all over the world. This anime series is an adaptation of the South Korean web novel. D & C Media initiated the publication on 14 February 2014. It won over the anime lovers in a matter of time. And with 1.4 million readers it started its successful journey.

Later, KakaoPage serialized it from 4 March 2018. Jang Sang Rak’s illustration skills popularized the anime series even more. Season 1 ended on 19 March 2020. The viewers are eagerly waiting for another one. This popular webtoon is a powerpack of action and fantasy. The fan base cannot be blamed for their continuous call for Season 2. Who won’t? That anime is that good.

Solo Leveling Season 2: The Release Date

The fans are expecting another season from the very end of the first one. But they expected it to start premiering in July 2020. But it seems like the pandemic delayed the release date. There is no official news regarding the release dates so far. But we can. Right? Solo Leveling is something worth waiting for. If we get any information about the exact release date, we will let you know. So till then, let’s wait for another action-packed fantasy of Sung Jin-Woo.

Solo Leveling Season 2: The Cast

The hero, Sung-Jin Woo will be definitely there. The cast from Season 1, King Ant, Go Byung, Bo Joon hee is expected to appear in Season 2 also. And also there will be new monsters and new exciting characters. Let’s hope for the best. The exact cast is unfortunately unavailable right now. We can only know it when Season 2 is out.

Solo Leveling Season 2:The Plot

The Season 1 ended up portraying Sun Jin Woo as a powerful hunter. And for the time being, we don’t know what will be the plot for the next Season.the level ups of Sung Jin-Woo, new challenges will be there for sure. In Season 2, just like Season 1, there will be more action and drama. The new plot can be only known when the new season starts to premiere. The Exciting actions of Sung Jin Woo will be there.

Solo Leveling Season 2:The StoryLine

A portal connecting the human world and the Monster world opens at some point. This is known as the gate. While the Gate opens many monsters and other creatures appear. Sung Jin-Woo lost his father at some gate. Since then he has to look after his mother with health issues and his sister. As the gate opens some people try to get into it and awakens to be monster hunters. To help his family Sun Jin Woo becomes a hunter.

He is just an E-rank hunter without many abilities.there are different levels of dungeons with different difficulty levels. Sung Jin-woo gets into the dungeon and he almost dies in the D level dungeon. But after witnessing his courage and attitude the gods give him another chance. He Reawakens and attains a special solo level. With this new ability, he can achieve any level and become stronger. We can see the transformation of Sung Jin-Woo from the weakest Hunter to the strongest.