“The Dragon Prince Season 4”: What will be the “Dark Magic” in the upcoming season? Click to know Release date, Plot, Story and More!

Looking to watch some Computer animated web series? Here am suggesting Amerian, Canadian Web series. Do watch it. The Series name is The Dragon Prince. It is for Netflix. Aronehasz and Justin Richmond are the creators. Wonderstorm is the Producer. Bardel Entertainment animated it. Season 1 Premiered on Sep 14, 2018. Season 2 was released on Feb 15, 2019. The third season aired on Nov 22, 2019. Season 4 is yet to release. The Dragon Prince has got a fantastic response from the worldwide audience. It has a separate fan basis across the world. The Animation Graphics in this series is critically acclaimed by the fans.

Release Date: The Dragon Prince Season 4

The release date of the Dragon Prince Season 4 is yet to confirm by the Officials. It was initially scheduled to release in May 2020. But there is no confirmation regarding the release date of the series. Global Pandemic caused to stop the Production of the Series. But keep watching this space for more updates. We will keep update you with the Regular updates.

Star Cast: The Dragon Prince Season 4

The Main Star Cast of the Series is as follows: Callum, Rayla, Ezran. Voice cast by  Jack Desena, Paula Burrows, Sasha Rojen respectively. The other Star cast includes Viren Voice over by Jason Simpson, Claudia Voice cast by Racquel Belmonte. There is also some other cast is there. According to the Plot, the star cast may add or deletion happens. There is no update regarding the star cast as of now.

Plot: The Dragon Prince Season 4

The Series’s 3 Seasons got an amazing response from the Animation lovers. The Season 4 plot will start where the season 3 climax ended. In Season 3, We have seen that Ezran rejoins with both Callum and Rayla to go to his home Strom Spire. In Season 4, We don’t have proper idea or information about the Plot. But we can expect the plot will be even more interesting in terms of the characterization, Plot, Animations, etc. The officials did not give a hint about the Plot of the series yet. We will keep update you!

Storyline: The Dragon Prince Season 4

The Storyline of the Dragon Prince is mainly based on the Fantasy and Animated world. It revolves around Human beings as well as dragons and elves. They all are trying to live together but they fail because of exploiting by human nature. The first season has set in Xadia which is a magical world of sun, moon, stars, earth, sky, and Ocean. Human beings use Darg magic to get things done. 1200 years before, Harrow of Katolis a human kings kill the King of Dragons along with his advisors.

And also he destroys the egg of his heir’s. Meanwhile, Elf tries to kill Ezran and Hallow. In between Viren seizes his power. Rayla discovers that the egg was not destroyed. They will decide to return the egg to Xadia to stop the war between humans and elves. In season 2, and 3 The storyline deals with the black magic and some other character explorations.

Trailer/Teaser: The Dragon Prince Season 4

Finally, The trailer/ Tease of the series is not released yet, But here am providing the season 3 Trailer, watch and enjoy!

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