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“The Dragon Prince Season 4”: Will “Ezran” fight for his throne? Read to know about the release date, cast and more!

Magic, betrayal, and greed. Oh, and throw ina bit of magical creatures and loyalty. The Dragon Prince is all this and much more. Can we expect a Season 4? Well, Well.

Release Date: The Dragon Prince 4

The Dragon Prince is an American – Canadian animated fantasy series created by Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz. The series debuted in 2018, while the second and the third season were released in 2019. The show is animated by Bardel Entertainment and is produced by Wonderstorm. The show can be streamed on Netflix.

No dates have been announced for Season 4, but rumor mills have suggested a late or an early next year release. With Season 3 leaving the audience with a lot of gasps, Season 4 will eventually give us all the answers we are looking for.

Cast: The Dragon Prince Season 4

The original cast of Jack De Sena as Callum, Sasha Rojen as Ezran, and Paula Burrows as Rayla are expected to return along with Racquel Belmonte as Claudia, Jesse Inocalla as Soren and Erik Dellums as Aaravos.  There are 27 episodes.

Plot: The Dragon Prince Season 4

Season 4 is likely to see a stronger and sinister Viren, who is revived by dark magic. We can expect Ezran, Callum, and Rayla to employ new tactics for his downfall. We are hoping to fight tooth and nail for their homeland. Will Claudia hold them back? Will there be more obstacles? Will Zym finally get to go home? Will Ezran get his throne back?

Storyline: The Dragon Prince

Peace and harmony are long lost among the elves, dragons, and humans of Nadia. There are misunderstandings and greed for power. King Harrow is betrayed by his advisor, Viren, who is all set to take over the throne. We have Callum and Ezran, the royal brothers, who are fighting for their land and peace. They are also seen helping Zym, the Dragon Prince, to return home.

With Ezran losing his throne and Viren claiming it, things have never been more uncertain in Nadia. Zym is all set to return home. Soren has a change of heart, and ultimately Viren is on the verge of losing it all. Just when all seems to end well, Claudia turns the tables and brings Viren back to the game, stronger than ever.

The Dragon Prince takes the audience to the fantasy world of Xadia, where the creatures are exciting and fun. We become invested in their lives and start rooting for them, as soon as we get to know them. We are drawn to the challenges that they face and how they try to overcome them. The magic is captivating, and so are the dragons. The characters become an instant favorite, and we quickly begin rooting for them. The line between them and us is more often blurred, as their tribulations and their happiness soon become ours. With Season 4, we are hoping all goes well.

If you haven’t seen The Dragon Prince, you are definitely missing out on a lot.  Do hop on the wagon as quickly as you can!