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“The Society Season 2”:Is “Gordie’s” idea of alternate world true?Is “Pfeiffer” the root of all trouble?Click here to know plot,cast and more!

“The Society” is a mystery as well as a political show with a lot of teenage drama. The story begins with people coming across a terrible smell in all parts of the town. It has tried to portray what the world and its inhabitants have come to and what we can expect in the future. The show’s creator “Chris Kaiser” strongly suggested that the smell is not only literal but metaphorical in sense as well. The smell is also to give the idea that things are really rotten in the town of WestHam.


Release Date: “The Society Season 2”

the tv show received a great response from its viewers and the second season is on its way, as confirmed by the cast on the official twitter handle of The Society.


The creators and the whole team keeping everyone’s safety in mind, to resume the works when the conditions get back to normal. So the release date is yet to be finalized after filming and production of the show.Covid-19 has surely slowed down the world but at least a second season is confirmed at the end of this year or early in 2021.

Storyline: “The Society Season 2”

Set in a small town in Connecticut that had been recently troubled with a dreadful smell, the Netflix drama follows a group of high school students who were supposed to go on a week-long field trip. What follows is that after the bus ride when they wake up, they all find themselves back in their home and the driver reveals that they had to cancel the trip since a road got blocked and thus the return trip to WestHam. After this everyone calls up their parents but they get no reply and their homes or to be more clear the whole town is empty. The students realize they are now the only ones in the town and they are totally isolated from other places and politics start spewing among the teenagers while they try to unravel the happenings in the town.

Cast: “The Society Season 2”

We are most likely to see the same cast return with Katheryn Newton as Allie Pressman, Gideon Adlon as Becca Gelb, Sean Berdy as Sam Elliot, Natasha Lik Bordizzo as Helena and many others. The show might also include some people as guest cast in the next season.


Plot: “The Society Season 2”

The first season ended Leaving the fans with numerous questions. So we might be treated with some of the answers in the upcoming season. Season 1 saw Allie and Will getting kidnapped by a psychopath, the smell still remaining a mystery, and how Pfeiffer is connected to all of it and it is safe to assume that he might be playing an important role in the next season. Season 2 might give us a clear idea about Charlie the dog and what its deal is. As to who is Cassandra’s killer may be revealed. We know Dewey admitted to the murder but with all the politics going about in the show it is hard to trust anyone or anything for sure. So all in all the show leaves a door open for all kinds of conspiracy theories from the viewers who have to rely on season 2 for some answers.