“You Season 3”: “Joe Goldberg” is back to his old ways, with he find another love interest?

You is a psychological thriller drama series. It first premiered on 9th September 2019. The first season of you aired on lifetime, in America. Later on, it was broadcasted internationally on Netflix. Subsequently, with all the positive reviews, the show was renewed for another season. With the second season, it was announced that You will debut as a Netflix Original. The series is created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble. And is said to be based on the novels by Caroline Kepnes. Season 2 of the series slightly follows the novel Hidden Bodies.

The series consists a total of 20 episodes. With each season of the series having 10 episodes. Much to the delight of fans, after two seasons, the series has been renewed for a third season! Moreover, it is said that the upcoming season will also consist of 10 episodes.

You Season 3: Release Date

Soon after the release of season 2, it was confirmed that the series would be renewed for another season. In January 2020, Netflix officially announced that You would make a comeback with season 3. Season 3 will likely air sometime in 2021.

Due to the current situation of the world, not much has been said about the production of the series. Neither an official release date has been set.

You Season 3: Cast  

It was confirmed that Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti would reprise their roles in season 3. This was done, along with the renewal of the upcoming season. Other leading cast members have not yet been confirmed. We might expect to see some additional new faces in the next season.

We’re hoping that previous season members return and reprise their roles in season 3. The cast from season 1 and 2, include:

  • Penn Badgley plays the character of Joe Goldberg
  • Victoria Pedretti plays the character of Love Quinn
  • Jenna Ortega plays the character of Ellie Alves
  • James Scully plays the character of Forty Quinn
  • Ambyr Childers plays the character of Candace Stone
  • Carmela Zumbado plays the character of Delilah Alves

You Season 3: Plot

In season 2 of the series, a lot of questions were answered. And quite a few mysteries solved. But the audience was still left with questions unanswered. We can hope, that season 3 of You will bring the same amount of satisfaction as the previous seasons.

You ended up with Joe conjugated with Love Quinn. Showcasing, where season 3 might take us! But with all this, we also saw Joe being discontent with what he had got. Even though it was exactly what he wanted. He had narrated his situation as a result of bad karma. And believing that he was in a cage with Love. Here again, we might see trouble in paradise in the upcoming season.

The final focus and nail in the coffin, from season 2, that hinted another storyline for season 3. Joe could be back at his old crimes. In the last season, he was seen eyeing his new neighbor. Narrating, that he will figure a way, to get to her! Another you to focus on.

You Season 3: Storyline

The premise of You revolves around a New Yorker, Joe Goldberg. He is a book store manager who falls in love with a customer. Later in the series, we find out he is a serial killer. Furthermore, forms a toxic and creepy obsession with Guinevere Beck.

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