Who is the very famous distant relative of “Katy Perry” and “Orlando Bloom’s” unborn child? Click to find out!

After hitting rock bottom, Katy Perry emerged with a bump in her stomach and a smile on her face. Back in March, the Roar singer revealed through a music video that she was pregnant with The Pirates of Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom. In an Instagram post, she intimated that her due date might be nearing. She told her fans in a live session that there was a lot that will be happening this summer. The couple had planned earlier to get married in Japan this year, however, the pandemic has changed a lot of plans this year. For now, the singer is quite grateful and excited to welcome their daughter anytime soon.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is really excited for a little girl.

Orlando has a 9-year-old son Flynn from his previous marriage with Miranda Kerr. So, we know there is no reason for Katy Perry to be stressed for daddy Bloom already knows (and can’t wait) to take care of their little girl. Of everything, he is excited to feed his daughter in the middle of the night when the world sleeps. He says, he likes the quiet times and we might be playing with his words but he is also looking forward to …bottles. We certainly hope that he won’t feel the lack thereof.

The couple has a list of names; however, they want their unborn child to name herself. Once she arrives, a name will pick out itself, so is what the couple thinks.

The daughter will have a distant relative who is famous!

We won’t blame you if you didn’t know that Katy Perry is Taylor Swift’s ninth cousin. You read that right! The mother is related to the Lover singer, with whom she does not particularly share a close relationship. The child is the lucky one. Not only does she have two famous parents, but she will also have a very popular distant relative too. She told Stellar Magazine, “Well, we don’t have a very close relationship because we are very busy, but we text a lot.”

She tweeted, “When I get my smile back… it’s over for you hoes.”

Pregnant Katy Perry revealed that she has been quite emotional during her time. The American Idol star shared with her fans that she was anxious, depressed, and at the same time happy and excited. “I’ve been all of it,” she said on Boston’s Mix 104.1.

She also talked about the times she felt suicidal after a split with her now fiancé. The couple later in the same year (2017) sparked their romance once again. Good for them, because we can’t imagine Katy without her bump anymore.

However, she is and quite understandably, anxious to bring her child into the world during these times of uncertainty. She also opened up about the difficulties she faced in being pregnant during the lockdown in an interview with the Capital Breakfast.

We totally understand, Katy. It is only a matter of time that their daughter steps into the pandemic-hit world, and we can’t wait.


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