“GTA VI” : Will this be female based game this time? Click to know release date, gameplay, trailer and more!

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a famous action, adventure based videogame series, developed by Rockstar Games. It is one of the most recognised names in the gaming world and almost all gamers have at least played one part of the series. The series consists of 7 games, released at various time intervals. The series is reported to have grossed a total of $9 billion, making it the fourth highest selling videogame franchise, behind some cult favourite names like Mario, Pokémon and Tetris.

The game series is available for various platforms including Sony Playstation, Microsoft’s XBOX and pc.

The first instalment of the game, Grand Theft Auto was first released in 1997, based on a 2D universe. The game was released for PS1 and pc. The most famous versions of the game include GTA Vice City (released in 2002) and GTA San Andreas (released in 2004) which a cult following in the gaming world. The most recent version of the game, GTA V was released in 2013 and so, the next version of the game, dubbed as GTA VI is long due now.


The game features an immersive storyline where you play as a character in the game and have to complete missions in order to progress in the storyline. You can even opt not to complete any missions and just roam in the highly detailed cities of the game. The game is generally based on real life cities, like GTA V is based on the locations of Los Angeles and adjoining Southern California, GTA San Andreas, which featured locations from Nevada and California and GTA Vice City, which featured locations from Miami. Although, the names if the cities in the games have been changed, they resemble greatly in their architecture.

The different instalments of the game features different characters as well as in depth storyline. GTA Vice City featured Tom Vercetti as It’s protagonist, GTA San Andreas featured Carl Johnson (CJ) as It’s protagonist and GTA V featured Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton as their protagonists.


Since the last instalment of the series was launched in 2013, there have been speculations regarding when the next series will arrive. Since a lot of years have already been passed, we can sense that the release on the next instalment is not too far. According to some rumours, the storyline of the game has been completed and hence the release of the game is not too far away. Rockstar Games had advertised for vacancies for game testers since the start of June which is generally done when a game is complete and undergoing some final touches.

Trevor in GTA V

Yet, the announcement of a remastered version of GTA V by Rockstar Games seems to have played a spoilsport and the release of GTA VI might take some more time.

According to Venture Beat, the marketing budget of the game’s publisher, Take – Two suggests that the game might be released somewhat in the year 2023 – 24.

According to Karl Slatoff of Take – Two will release about 93 new titles in the upcoming five years which suggests that GTA VI might not be released anytime soon, let alone in 2020.

Let’s stay tuned and hope it is released sooner rather than later.