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“Log Horizon Season 3”: Will “Jovan Jackson” voice for “Nyanta” in the upcoming season? Click to know!

Log Horizon is a science-fiction and fantasy series. The director of this series is Shinji Ishihira. The music is composed by Yasuharu Takanashi. The series is licensed by Madman Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks and MVM Entertainment. Toshizō Nemoto is the story writer of this series. NHK Educational Television is the original network of Log Horizon.

The series released its first episode on October 5 in the year 2013. The first season lasted till March 2014. Anime Network company is the English network for this series. In addition to that, the series has a list of 35 episodes so far. Log Horizon has several versions like Light Novel, Manga, and Anime. The series received a lot of positive comments and a good response. Log Horizon grabbed the attention of many viewers within a short period of time.

Release Date of Log Horizon Season 3

Fans are expecting the third season of Log Horizon. The team planned to release the next season in October 2020. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus all over the planet, the filming and production works are halted. Conversely, the release date is changed by the crew of Log Horizon. There is no official release date announced by the team. The upcoming season might be aired at the beginning of 2021. The production works will start only after the conditions become normal.

The Cast of Log Horizon Season 3

The voice cast of Log Horizon includes Mike Yager and Takuma Terashima giving voice for the character of Shiroe. Japanese voice performer Joji Nakata and Jovan Jackson is giving voice for Nyanta. Emiri Kati is giving voice to Akatzuki. Tomoaki Maeno is giving voice for Naotsugu.

Yumi Hara is giving voice for Marellie. Krystal Laporte is giving voice for Ashlyn. Katelyn Bar for the role Brigandia Jerk. Ayahi Takagaki giving voice for the role of Henrietta. There is no information from the production team regarding the new characters and roles in the third season of Log Horizon.

The Storyline of Log Horizon Season 1 & 2

The first season of Log Horizon dealt with Shiroe. He builds an association with the assistance of his colleague named Naotsugu. Shiroe felt sad being alone and lonely. Akatzuki and some of his friends assisted him in building the association. Human contact was denied by Shiroe. He even refused the set off with his own pals. He assumed that after having an agreement with his close friends will lead to a devastating change in the planet.

The second season dealt with several adventures and assassins happened to Shiroe and his friends. The last episode titled “The Pioneers” Transcription – “Kaitakusha-tachi” ended with the victory of Shiroe and a teenage girl Akatzuki. They planned to commemorate their accomplishment. The last season ended with no serious cliffhangers and twists.

The Trailer of Log Horizon Season 3

There is no official announcement and trailer updates from the crew of Log Horizon. Due to the prevailing pandemic condition, there might be a small delay in the renewal of the trailer for the upcoming season. Stay tuned and connected with us to know more.

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