“One Punch Man Season 3”: What will the “One Punch Man” do for us this time? Click to know release date, plot and more!

“One punch man” is a Japanese anime series about a strong superhero who can defeat any strong enemies with a single punch. It was created by artist ONE. It revolves around the superhero Saitama. Artist ONE initially wrote a webcomic on “One punch man” in 2009, it webcomic was a huge success and it becomes very popular among the kids. There was a huge fan following for the webcomic. The series was created by Madhouse and premiered in Japan in December 2015.

Season 1 was a huge success and reached millions of people and received a lot of positive reviews from the audience. It was also dubbed in English in 2016. Seeing the overwhelming love received from the audience, the makers decided to launch season 2 of the anime “One punch man”.  There was a piece of official news from the makers regarding season 2 in 2016. There was a change in the director’s team in season 2.  The second season was animated by J.C.Staff with Chikara Sakurai replacing Shingo Natsume as director and Yoshikazu Iwanami replacing Shoji Hata as sound director. The second season aired in July 2019.

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Release date: “One punch man Season 3”

The makers of the anime announced that there will be season 3 of “One punch man”. The series has a lot of fan following especially kids are more interested in the actions of Saitama and they love the superhero, One punch man. There is no official announcement regarding the release date of “One punch man season 3”. But it is expected to be released late this year. Let’s hope for good news!!

Plot: “One punch man”

“One punch man” season 1 and 2 was completely revolving around the superhero Saitama and his teammates who work hard to save the people of their earth from the monsters. There were a lot 0f action sequences in the previous seasons and it is expected in the upcoming seasons too.


Since there is no official news from the makers, the plot of season 4 remains suspense and the fans of this series are eagerly waiting for season 4. Even there is no trailer out for season 4 of “One punch man”, we could not predict the storyline of the upcoming season. But with no doubt, the makers will rock this season too.


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Storyline: “One punch man Season 3”

As mentioned before, the story revolves around the superhero Saitama. The Supercontinent earth will be occupied by monsters and villains. They destroy the beautiful resources of the calm earth and ruin the beauty of the earth. So the Millionaire Agoni creates a Hero Association which consists of many superheroes to fight against the monsters and save their earth. A test will be conducted before the selection for being there in the Hero Association. Saitama along with Genos, his friend joins the Hero Association.



Saitama gets low marks in the test and will be posted in the low ranked post, though he is the strongest among the team. They fight against the monsters in every possible way to save their place. Though being the strongest of all, Saitama is not appreciated in the team. Eventually, he makes new friends the other heroes such as Martial artist Bang, Esper Blizzard, and the King. They all work together in the process of saving their planet. It is all for the previous seasons. We can expect new changes in the upcoming season with new twists and turns. Let’s wait for the new story of the “One punch man”.

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