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“One Punchman Season 3”: What twist the season 3 keeps up? Read here to know, ‘Journey so Far’, ‘Genre’, ‘Plot’ and more.

” One Punchman”, as the name reveals itself, the story is about a fighter who defeats his rivals with just one punch.
“One Punchman” is a ‘Japanese’ superhero franchise that later revamped into an anime with a total of 2 seasons, season 3 is yet to ne launched.
The story was first written by an artist named ‘ONE’. He published his comic version in the year 2009 and rapidly attained popularity as in June 2012 it overtook the number 7.9 million. He played around a heroic character ‘Saitama’, who enjoyed beating evil and trained himself as much to defeat almost anyone with just one punch.

One Punchman, season3,
No need to mention that the character received a considerable response by the public resulting in the further manga versions of this comic to now a hit anime show on ‘Netflix’.

“Journey So Far”

As mentioned before, “One Punchman” was first written and published by ‘ONE’ in the comic version. Later, ‘Ysuke Murata’ illustrated its manga which was published by ‘Shiesha’. ‘Viz media’ is its English publisher. The manga contained a total of 21 volumes.
With the favourable response, it commenced accumulating, the manga was then broadcasted into ‘Anime’ version of it. The first season was directed by ‘Shingo Natsume’. While on September 25th, 2017, the news circulated that the production company and director had changed. The second season was directed by ‘Chikara Saruki’. The series was originally launched in Japan back in the October and December 2015. It was then dubbed in English during the summer of 2016.

One Punchman, journey, comic

After a huge gap of 4 years, Season 2 was launched in the year 2019 between April and July. The popularity of the English release of the show also made it to get nominated for two awards, ‘Eisner Award’ in 2015 and ‘Harvey Award’ in 2016.

“Genre, Music and Production House”

The “One Punchman” is an ‘Action’ based anime show. With a lot of heroic activities and evil invasions, the show holds ‘Superhero’ actions, at the same time it doesn’t fail to entertain the audience by having comicness in it. Needless to say that you won’t miss out on anything in this show, may it be ‘Action’, ‘Comedy’ or ‘Superheroic’ entertainments.
The season 1 is a ‘Madhouse’ creation while season 2 is a ‘J.C. Staff’ creation. It was broadcasted on ‘Animax Asia’ and ‘Adult Swim’ (Toonami) in English.
The worldwide loved anime show has also collected an immensely positive response for its music. ‘Makoto Miyazaki’ is responsible for all the tunes and chorus, satisfying the ears of the audience.


“One Punchman” is the story of a hero named ‘Saitama’. He lands from a ‘City Z’ and enjoys fighting evil. According to the plot, he has built his strength to a level where no one could stand against him as his one punch was enough to overthrow anyone. Eventually, he gets bored of fighting unworthy rivals and starts haunting something challenging.

One punchman season 3
At the same time, on a Supercontinent Earth, strong destruction has been taking place in cities for which ‘Agoni’ establishes a ‘Hero Association’. The association gives employment to the heroes for fighting evil.
‘Saitama’ and ‘Genos’, a ‘Cyborg’ who has been training under ‘Saitama’ to take revenge from the other ‘Cyborg’ who murdered his family and demolished his hometown, took a decision to join the ‘Hero Association’.
But they remain unnoticed to the public as they marked extremely low in the written test for joining the association.

“What Twist The Season 3 Keeps Up?”

The anime show is loved among both the Japanese as well as the English audiences.
Season 1 was highly loved by the buffs. It took 4 years for the Season 2 to come in public. Not to mention that despite, the miscellaneous response it created its fanbase to a massive level resulting in huge popularity. Season 1 emphasized more on the ‘Hero Association’ and the story of ‘Saitama’ and ‘Genos’. As far as Season 2 is concerned, it deviated towards a more traditional story structure. Season 2 focussed more on the story of ‘Orochi’. Let us see what twist the Season 3 keeps up?

“Release Date”

There has been no official statement of when is Season 3 going to be released. However, it can be speculated that Season 3 may come by the end of 2021 as there was a gap of 4 years amid season 1 and season 2.

One Punchman, twist, journey, season 3

No trailer has been released yet either. But, the anime lovers haven’t stopped waiting. Season 3, whenever releases, one thing is sure that it will be a huge announcement to the anime industry as the gap amid the seasons has already made the viewers anxious and excited at the same time.
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