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What with the recent events, sentiments that surround the cops today are more hostile than ever. And, Bosch – Amazon Prime’s longest-running crime-drama series – does a good job in balancing out the negatives with the positives associated with the cop world. Amazon has green-lit the renewal of the show that will run for the final time on the streaming platform. We cover here everything you need to know about the final and seventh season of Bosch. So, keep on reading!

Bosch Season 7: Release Date

The show first aired between February 6, 2014, and February 13, 2015. Since then, the show has continued with its pattern of releasing ten episodes per season. The latest season premiered on April 16, 2020, one day before its actual release date.

It received the renewal a couple of months before actually releasing it on February 13, 2020. The pandemic has halted the production of many TV shows; Bosch should have been in pre-production right now. However, the show is likely to return in April 2021, with shooting to begin no sooner than in September.

Bosch Season 7: The Cast

Expect the same characters to return for the seventh season. Among others, Harry Bosch, the titular character (played by Titus Welliver), Jerry Edgar (played by Jamie Hector). Lt. Grace Billets (played by Amy Aquino). Irvin Irving (played by Lance Reddick). Maddie Bosch (played by Madison Lintz), Detective Johnson (played by Troy Evans) will reprise their roles in the final season.

Bosch Season 7: Plot

The seventh season will draw its plot from the novels The Concrete Blonde and The Burning Room, Michael Connelly’s best-selling thriller books. It will take the audience into the depth of drug- dealing business, with Bosch and Jerry attempting to solve the most heinous of crimes in their adventurous but separate murder investigations.

Michael said that the story will be set in the time before George Floyd’s death. But, it will “have an echo that goes forward to that.”

He said, “I’m proud of what we have accomplished with Bosch and look forward to completing the story in season seven,”

“It’s bittersweet, but all good things come to an end, and I am happy that we will be able to go out the way we want to. This started seven years ago with showrunner Eric Overmyer and me writing the pilot. We plan to write the last episode together as well.” “We’ll leave behind the longest-running show so far on Amazon, and it will be there to be discovered by new viewers for as long as people are streaming.”

Bosch: Storyline

The story involves an L.A.P.D. homicide detective, Bosch, and the police who solve crimes together within Hollywood Homicide. The show is based on Michael’s best-selling books – the first season was a spin-off from Echo Park, City of Bones, and The Concrete Blonde.

The show remains the pride of Amazon and continues to be the most-watched Amazon Original series ever.

You can watch all the episodes from Season 1 to Season 6 streaming on Amazon Prime.

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