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“Sex Education Season 3”: Will “Gillian Anderson” return in the upcoming season? Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

When Sex Education burst into the scene back in January 2019, fans were absolutely in love with it. The funny teenage drama series was exactly what they wanted. Two seasons of the series have released to date. And the second season premiered on 17th January 2020. Laurie Nunn serves as the creator and showrunner of the show.

The tv series became a huge success on all fronts. It received plaudits from critics and gained immense viewership numbers. Reports suggest that the first season alone attracted forty million viewers after its debut.

Sex Education Season 3: Release date

Thanks to its massive popularity, Netflix wasted no time to renew the series for the third season. Though we still haven’t received an official release date. The trend suggested a release date of early next year. But then, the pandemic hit the world. As a result, the production on season three was halted. Of course, Sex Education wasn’t an exception to it. However, recent reports suggest that the team is good to resume production as soon as August 2020. Assuming everything goes according to plan, the series would return in Fall or Winter 2021.

Sex Education Season 3: Possible cast

Currently, we’re waiting for an official word on the cast of the next season. But, we have a pretty good idea about who’ll be in it. The season three announcement teaser showed multiple characters. And based on it, we expect Asa Butterfield to reprise his role of Otis. Also, we believe he will be joined by Emma Mackey as Maeve. Fans hoping to see Gillian Anderson won’t be disappointed as she’s expected to return as Jean.

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Furthermore, Ncuti Gatwa will be returning to portray Eric. Other actors such as Aimee Lou Wood (Aimee); Alistair Petrie (Headmaster Groff) etc. will also return. Additionally, new students might join Moordale High in the upcoming season. Though we don’t know exactly who’ll be joining.

Sex Education Season 3: Expected plot

Netflix has remained tight-lipped about the plot details so far. The series has proved its mastery in handling multiple character arcs and storylines at the same time. However, Otis and Maeve’s relationship is expected to remain in the spotlight. After the events of season two, the future of their relationship will certainly be portrayed.

In addition, the upcoming season will also focus on Jean’s unexpected pregnancy. Furthermore, her newfound interest in Jakob will also be explored. And the new dynamic between Eric, Adam and Rahim will also be delved in. The students will also learn more about gender identities, trauma and other real-life issues. Regardless of what happens, fans can expect more awkward sexual tensions and humour in season three.

Sex Education Season 3: Storyline

The storyline of Sex Education comprises of multiple character arcs. However, it primarily focuses on Otis Milburn. Otis is a teenage high school student. He is also socially awkward and insecure. And with the help of his classmate Maeve, he sets up a sex advice clinic. Throughout the series, Otis and Maeve help other students with their sexual problems. In essence, Sex Education is a series about relationships, maturity and other topical points.

Sex Education Season 3: Trailer

Netflix usually drops the trailer a month or two before the release date. Thus, we expect the trailer to arrive sometime next year.


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