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“The Rookie Season 3”:How will “John” manage to get out of the situation?Click here to know more about plot,cast and more!

“The Rookie” is a perfect mix of comedy and drama. Since it first released in 2018, The Rookie tv show has attracted a lot of attention and praise from people everywhere around the globe. The Rookie Season 2 premiered in 2019 and was automatically a bigger success. Shortly after the 2nd season’s ending people started speculating the release date of The Rookie season 3 and will it be happening after all or not? According to the updates, a third season of The Rookie is on its way and will be airing everywhere around July of  2021.


Release Date: “The Rookie Season 3”

We all empathize with how everyone is waiting for The Rookie season 3. But the terrible thing is that the showrunners have not released or announced even a trailer to the upcoming season. However, everyone can be assured that if there is any news regarding the release date people will get updates on them for sure. All are aware that The Rookie season 2 is now also on airing on the ABC. So it is complicated to assume when the next season will get released. All we can presume is that this year is pretty difficult for everyone and the show as well and the shooting is hard to resume with the outbreak still going on. But a release in July 2021 can be an expectation as of now.

Storyline: “The Rookie Season 3”

The Rookie TV series is an inspiration from the true story of Bill Norcross, who was the oldest rookie in the LAPD. The show follows and goes about the everyday police life of John Nolan and how he copes with it. John, a student who was studying law at Pennsylvania State University, after discovering that his previous girlfriend was pregnant, drops out of college and goes into construction. Now in his 40’s,  divorced and with a 19-year-old son, helped the police in a bank robbery and decides to have a career as a police officer. He shuts down his construction company and moves to LA for preparation in a police academy. John then starts his career as a rookie in the LAPD  and therefore making him the oldest rookie among everyone. The show consists of an interesting story with twists and turns which appeals to the audience. However, as beloved by all the show has been updated for anew season which comes as a relief for the fans and creator as well. For confirming the good news, Nathan Fillion posted something fun for everyone on Instagram.


Cast: “The Rookie Season 3”

The cast from the second season is most likely going be back for the 3rd season, some of them including Nathan Fillion as  John Nolan, Harold Perrineau as Nick Armstrong, Richard T. Jones as Wade Grey, Melissa O’ Neil as Lucy Chen, Mekia Cox as Nyla Harper, Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez, Titus Makin as Jackson West, Eric Winter as Tim Bradford, Jasmine Matthews as Rachel. As of now, there is no official news about new cast members’ additions to the show.

Plot: “The Rookie Season 3”

The last season ended with a cliffhanger and left fans craving for more. The ending saw John in his bedroom, standing and staring at the stash as the police surround him completely. It will surely be a fun and interesting watch as to how John gets rid of the complete mess proving himself innocent and uncover how detective Nick Armstrong is the one responsible for the wrongdoings. John will also be seen to cope up and accept the fact that his mentor and the person whom he respected and admired was actually an ally a reporter to the American mob. From the relationship point of view, we will see if Tim and Rachel will be successful in their long-distance relationship. As usual, Lopez and Wesley are going to be a delight for the eyes. So a lot of drama and information exploration on the way, the third season might be worth the wait.