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“Wakfu: The Animated Series”: Will “Ankama Animation” be able to produce a season 4 of the “Wakfu” series or not ? Click to find out new updates and more!

Based on a video game Wakfu, Wakfu: The Animated Series is a French animated television series which is produced by Ankama Animation. The first episode released on 30th October 2008, with an IMDb rating of 8.2/10. The show is directed by Anthony Roux and Fabrice Nzinzi and is available in three languages, French, Korean and Vietnamese. It is available on Netflix, Cartoon network, Disney channel etc. It released three seasons and has over seventy  episodes including five specials.

The Cast for the Wakfu: The Animated Series

The cast of the series include Fanny Bloc, Adeline Chetail, Geneviève Doang, Jeremy Prevost, Thomas Guitard, Patrick Bethune and Dorothée Pousseo, as the French cast. The English cast include Ross Grant, Keir Stewart, Hugo Chandor, Jules De Jongh, Jessica Bell, Arthur Bostrom, Erika Harlachaer, Joanna Ruiz, Kira Buckland, Keith Silverstein, Christine Marie Cabanos, Dough Erholtz, Kyle McCarley and Todd Haberkorn.

Wakfu: The Animated Series Kickstarter Campaign

In order to be able to release this show in English speaking territories Ankama animations launched a kickstarter campaign, where their goal was to hain funds that raised upto atleast $80,000 Canadian dollors inorder to dub the first season. They first started this Campaign back in January 20th, 2014. Their goals were fulfilled back in January 21st, 2014. Later the company decided to set up another kickstarter campaign for the dub of the second season and they were able to achieve their target back in January 30th, 2014. In order to produce for season four of the series Ankama Animations launched another kickstarter campaign, where their goal is to achieve €100,000, which they did within one hour.

Plot for the season 4 of the Wakfu series

Wakfu: The Animated Series is quite a big hit among the audience which makes them even more eager about when the fourth and final season of the show will release. Fans of the show are really waiting to know the release date especially after the kickstarter campaign being a success. In the first 3 seasons we get to see that the show is about a 12 year old boy Yugo, who goes in search of his parents along with his group of friends, who call themselves as The Brotherhood of Tofu. The third season of Wakfu: The Animated Series ends with Yugo and Oropo competing in a duel, when Eva and the kids arrive at the same time inorder to create more drama in the episode. Although, not much has been disclosed about the plot we are hoping that the makers answer the few unanswered questions in the show, since it ende with loose ends.

Release Date

There has not been any news announced regarding the release date for Wakfu season four because raising funds have become a problem. Even after raising so much from their kickstarter campaign it doesn’t cover all the costs. The pandemic has also made things difficult for the makers of the show. There is no guarantee that there will be a season four for the show. Fans of the show are hoping it doesn’t get cancelled. We will have to wait until the makers of the show make an official announcement.

Storyline of Wakfu: The Animated Series

Wakfu: The Animated Series is the story of a 12 year old boy Yugo, who has mystical powers and an identity unknown. The story revolves around Yugo and his friends who call themselves as The brotherhood of Tofu, who go on am adventure to find Yugo’s parents, to find his true identity. On this journey he faces many obstacles that he overcomes inorder to find his real family.