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“Animal Kingdom Season 5”: Who will be the next successor? Will we see more of “Ellen Barkin”? Click to know Release dates, cast, expected plot and more!

Be ready to witness another spine-chilling drama soon! Its no more a secret that the famous American Series “Animal kingdom” is coming up with its 5th installment.

Read to know what we should be ready for.


“Animal Kingdom” is an American crime drama, family series directed by Jonathan Lisco. The series is adapted from the Australian movie of same name which was directed by David Michod.

The series was first released on 14th June, 2016. Within few months of its Release it got widely popular. With the huge success it gained in the initial year the makers decided to came with other seasons as well. Since then there was no looking back. Animal kingdom hit the big screen back to back for the second, third and fourth season. All thanks to the thrills, action, drama and a good storyline which the show has offered for the past 4 years.

The last season, season 4 came last year and gained commendable appreciations just like the predecessor. This paved the way for the 5th installment as well. Fans are happy and really greatfull to the show makers and TNT for renewing the series for another season. Series even got nominated for Best Action Thriller Television Series by the Saturn Awards in the year 2018.

When to expect?

There has not been any official announcement on the released dates yet. Earlier it was expected to hit the screens in May this year if we look at the previous trends of release. However, due to the Wuhan virus and all the ruckus it has created all over the world which has stopped all the shooting process and production work. Thus, we might expect a delay. The show can be expected by May next year.

Who will return?

  • Ellen Barkin As Janine “Smurf”
  • Scott Speedman As Barry “Baz” Blackwell
  • Shawn Hatosy As Andrew “Pope”
  • Fin Cole As Joshua “J”
  • Sohi Rodriguez As Mia Benitez
  • Rigo Sanchez As Manny.
  • Jake Weary As Deran
  • Ben Robson As Craig

If a new plot gets introduced we will get to see some new faces as well.

What has happened?

The series revolves around a 17 year old boy “Joshua” who is taken care of by his grandmother after the untimely Demise of his mother. His grandmother, Smurf is head of the criminal team. Her house is her base from where she operates all her illeagal works. Joshua soon gets aware about the crime business of his family and joins hands with his other cousins. In fist season, we saw Smurf giving each one of them a gun and a huge robbery happening.

Season 2 was all about truth and revelation. Baz discovered that Pope killed Catherine. And family drama moved ahead. The next season, season 3 left all of us puzzled. Smurf accepted that she is the one responsible for Baz’s killing. And we saw that noone can trust Smurf now.
Season 4 was majorly occupied the life of Cody boys and how will they survive without Smurf.

What will happen?

The plot and all other information is under wrap for now. No official word  yet, we can expect season 5 of be of 13 episodes like all its predecessor.
It will however will be interesting to note what will happen next? Season 5 will all be about twist, turns and war. As the family’s patriarch is now dead war like situations might arrise for the sake of succession. Family members might sabotage and threaten one another, which is common in such terms. As Smurf is now dead, we can expect the vicious people to return as she was the one who kept all of them at bay.

Another storyline can be of Pam and all the mystery she holds. Everyone kept wondering as to why Smurf left the majority of her fortune to her. Its still hard to predict anything though. We can only assume from what we all have seen already.

That’s a wrap for now! We will see you all soon with more updates and information. Till the time, stay home and stay safe.