“Big Little Lies Season 3”: Rumor has it that the show is cancelled! We might not see “Reese Witherspoon” returning in the upcoming season!

Big Little Lies is an American TV series, directed by Jean-Marc-Vallee and written by Kellye. The oxymoron based title is built on the wonderful novel written by Liane Moriarty. Riddled with dark comedy at every turn, this show is indeed a must-watch. The first season, comprising of seven episodes first debuted on February 19, 2017, on HBO. Subsequently, the second season released in July and soon became very popular amongst viewers.

Big Little Lies has won various awards. This mini-series was nominated at the 16 Primetime Emmy Awards and won 8 awards. It also won Golden Globe Awards For Best Miniseries. The story is very exciting with twists and turns at every turn. With lots of planning and plotting, the show has earned a huge fan base. It is available on the HBO website, Hulu, And Amazon Prime video. However, this popular show will most likely not receive a third season.

Release Date: Big Little Lies Season 3

Big Little Lies is among the best dark comedy shows ever created. This miniseries is being aired on HBO. Despite being a major success, a third season seems very unlikely. HBO has officially canceled Season 3. Disappointing, isn’t it? Despite having great viewership, it is almost unbelievable that there will be no new season. According to various reports, HBO is not responsible for this. The creators themselves are at fault. Various reports cited that the creators are “unwilling to take any risk”. Even if Season 3 does come, it will not release anytime soon due to coronavirus pandemic. Don’t worry, we will keep you posted with any updates.

Cast: Big Little Lies Season 3

The details about the cast of Season 4 is unavailable as HBO has canceled the team. However, we can always talk about the cast of the previous season. Reese Witherspoon played Madeline Mackenzie while Zoe Kravitz acted as Bonnie Carlson. Shailene Woodlet, James Tupper, Kathryn Newton, and Nicole Kindom also acted in this popular series. If there happens to be a sequel, the cast will likely remain the same. However, considering everything, we may never see them work together again.

Storyline: Big Little Lies Series

The story is based on a murder mystery. The five main characters first meet at a police station. They exhibit their extravagant lifestyle while solving the case. Relationships, children, and various hardships makes this show a very fun watch. However, despite everything, they try to excel in all areas of life.

Plot: Big Little Lies Season 3

The plot for Big Little Lies Season 3 is not available. However, if by any chance, it does return, we can expect a new topsy turvy plot. Unfortunately, the news is very disappointing so far. We will be happy to inform you about the plot of Season 3 if they plan for one.

Trailer: Big Little Lies Season 3

As mentioned earlier, there is no season 3. It almost sounds absurd to expect a new trailer. Here’s the trailer for the previous season if you haven’t watched it already. No need to worry, we will keep you posted with any updates. Until then, keep reading with us!

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