“Bosch Season 7”: Is the series based on the books by “Michael Connelly” coming back for a seventh season? Read to know Release date, Cast, Plot and more!


The main cast for the show consists of Titus Well over who portrays the lead character Harry Bosch, Jamie Hector who plays the character of Jerry Edgar, who is also Bosch’s partner, Amy Aquino as Grace Billets, Bosch’s friend as well as his superior officer, Lance Reddick portrays the character Irvin Irving, Cheif of Police. There are a lot of recurring Cast for the show like Steven Culp as the district attorney of the Los Angeles county, Richard Rick’O’Shea, appeared from seasons one to four, Troy Evans as senior homicide detective at hollywood, Johnson (Barrel), Gregory Scott Cummins as Moore, Barrel’s partner, etc. Few of them have not returned after season four or five but we are not sure if they will be returning in season seven or not.

When is the Release of Bosch season 7 ?

One of Amazon Prime Video’s most binge watched show, with a large fan following is going to release it’s seventh season. The makers say that this will be the last and final season of the show. On February 13th, 2020, the renewal of the show had been announced by the makers. Unfortunately the COVID-19 Pandemic has all the creators and production company’s of the world shut down. The makers of Bosch have not said anything else regarding the show as of now. We can only hope that everything goes well and that the final season of the series will be premiered by the beginning of 2021. Fans are expecting the final season to be as good as the previous seasons and that the show will end with a bang.

The Trailer for Bosch season 7

The makers haven’t released any teaser or trailer for the show. We will keep you updated as soon as we receive any new information.

The Plot for the season seven of Bosch

The first chapter of the season one of Bosch introduces us to Harry Bosch, who while standing in trial for the murder of a serial killed has to solve the case. The first season then ends with the yenth chapter, where Bosch gets to experience a father-daughter bonding after an unexpected visit from his daughter Maddie, while at the same time Bosch’s job is at stake.The story takes lots of turns, where Bosch gets suspended, he finds the truth behind his mother’s death, etc. The sixth season ends with with Bosch and Edgar experiencing tragedies that were completely unexpected. The plot for the final season has not been revealed yet but the previous season has an unsolved murder that has to be answered to, which fans are guessing would be the plot for the final season. There are a lot of loose ends which have to be tied up that fans think will be done with the release of the seventh season.

The Storyline for the series Bosch

Bosch is an American Television Series which is produced by Amazon and Fabrik Entertainment. The show is the story of a Los Angeles Detective Harry Bosch, where the plot first few seasons were taken as an inspiration from the books written by Michael Connelly. The story is about how Detective Harry Bosch is accused for murdering a serial killer and has to solve the murder of a young boy at the same time. The storyline involves many murder cases and incidents that come at Bosch, which he has to face. The storyline of the series gets even more interesting after each season. Fans are definitely excited to see how the makers will make the final season as interesting or maybe even more interesting than the others.


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