“Last Of Us 3”: What twist “Neil Druckmann” has which reveals “Ellie’s” future life? Click to know Release Date, gameplay and More!

The last of us is an action-adventure game developed in the year of 2013 by Naughty Dog. He splits the team into two parts. One part was handling the casting of ‘Uncharted 3’ and another one was busy with ‘The Last Of Us’. The story revolves around a smuggler running away with his brother and daughter after a mutant Cordyceps fungus hit the Texas city that was turning the people in a creature. The movie has a total of two parts with a 3rd one yet to be revealed.

Release Date of The Last of Us part 3:

As said earlier the part 3 of it is yet to be announced. Although Game director Neil Druckmann has commented that it’ll come up with a new twist. The main focus is to not emerge a heart touching story. Also, it should have an emotional connection with the gamers as it is an action-adventure game.

Part 2 of The Last of Us was released in 2020 releasing its’ gaming platform in play station 4.

The cast of The Last of Us 3:

The cast of TLU 3 should be like the following:

  • Troy Baker as Joel
  • Ashley Johnson as Ellie
  • Derek Philips as Jerry
  • Jeffry Pierce as Tommy
  • Stephen Chang as Jesse
  • Ashley Scott as Maria etc.

The Plot of Last Of Us Season 3:

Neil Druckmann on June 19, has already confirmed that what might be the near-future world of Joel and Ellie. So it seems a pretty safe bet that there will be another part of it. Also, there’s another big clue that we are yet to see is the story of Joel and Ellie. How their future is going to be is what the main focus should be. In previous parts, they have been seen to be in relative isolation. Joel and Tommy have saved Abby from Cordyceps infection. Although most of the population in Texas has been affected by the mutant Cordyceps fungus. But, more new faces are yet to come in and more stories to be revealed in the upcoming part. Also, part 3 needs to revolve around love. we are expecting to follow love through some new lenses, perhaps Yara and Lev, as fans witnessed in part 2.

The storyline of The Last of Us 3:

The story revolves around Joel confessing his guilt to his brother Tommy. Joel and Ellie are now settled in Jackson after four years. He and Tommy have found a stranger called Abby Anderson from infected. Later Joel was attacked by Abby as he murdered Abby’s father. Later in the story, we can see that Dina who is Ellie’s girlfriend gives Ellie a bracelet. Ellie faces off with Abby and Lev who were left to die when they went to collect fireflies. She forces Abby to fight but instead of it Abby bites of Ellie’s two fingers. Dina’s girlfriend counter-attacks Abby, but after hearing a memory of his conversation with Joel, she sets them free. Traveling through Santa Barbara, she went back to Jackson. She could have collected the old belongings of her in the farmhouse but decided to leave that part. Elli badly wants to move on from her past.

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