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‘Log Horizon Season 3″: Will “Yumi Hara” and “Emiri Kato” return in the upcoming season? Click to know!

A role-playing game when becomes a real-life danger is something so intriguing to watch. Log horizon Sci-fiction comedy delivers us this role-playing game. The Tv program has completed a total of two seasons and received a massive amount of affection by the fans. The Log Horizon is adapted from a Japanese manga written by Mamare Touno and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara. The second season for this manga came in 2015, its been five years, but fans are still crazy and excited to know about the next season. The show has an enormous reach not just in Japan but in other countries as well. Recently there have been speculations about the coming out of Log Horizon season 3.

Here is everything you should know about Log Horizon Season 3!

Release Date: Log Horizon Season 3

The show was renewed by the network a long time back. The production of the show had also started. It was halfway done. But the coronavirus pandemic had started to spread around the world very quickly. The show was supposed to come out in 2020, but now it has delayed due to the pandemic. Post-production work is still in progress for Season 3 of Log Horizon. We predict the show’s third season will drop in January 2021. Keeping all things in mind, the show has still some work to do, therefore it becomes tough for them to release the show in a haste this year.
You guys have nothing to worry about, we’ll keep you posted will every little detail on the release of Log Horizon Season 3!

Reason of Delay for 5 years: Log Horizon Season 3

The show has kept us waiting for a third season for five years now. The major reason that came out for the delaying of the show was the lack of the material/equipment, but as we speak things have been working out for the makers. Therefore, they are back shooting and all geared up for the release of its third season.

Cast: Log Horizon Season 3

In the previous seasons, we have admired some characters hence they will return for the third season as well. The characters that will be seen back are, Yumi Hara, Emiri Kato, Takuma Urashima, Joji Nakata, mike Nagar, Jovan Jackson, Tomoaki Maemo, Krystal LaPorte, Katelyn Barr, Ayah Takasaki. The voice-over cast for these characters will remain the same as the previous seasons. Anime without additions becomes boring, we might see some new faces, but for now, there are no official statements made.

Plot: Log Horizon Season 3

There has been no trailer out for the third season, and no information has come out regarding the plot of season 3. We believe that the show will pick up from where it left in the last season. Some Questions were unanswered and kept the fans wondering. The third season will revolve around the assault of strange monsters. Also, the biggest speculation is will the Round Table Alliance ends and separate from each other. The show will surprise will mystery and comedy as it has in the previous seasons. We might also observe the struggling of some characters to adapt themselves to a new lifestyle. The third season of the show will have a total of 25 episodes.

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