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Malcolm and Marie : Click to know about how the “Zendaya” star who was shot during the lockdown!

On the 9th of July, Zendaya brought the internet to a standstill with a tweet, a monochromatic still from her new movie, ‘Malcolm and Marie’. The announcement is out of the blue and clearly, nobody was expecting. Fans quickly began theorizing the making of the movie and the likely challenges it had to face.

Release Date: Malcolm and Marie

The makers are yet to announce a date. With the current situation, it is likely that the movie will be releasing on a streaming platform. Sam Levinson, the creator of Euphoria, is the director as well as the writer. Sam Levinson, Ashley Levinson, and Kevin Turen are the producers of the movie along with Aaron L. Gilbert, Will Greenfield, Washington, Zendaya, and Kid Cudi.

Cast: Malcolm and Marie

Zendaya and John David Washington are set to enact the titular roles of Marie and Malcolm. The supporting cast is unknown.

Plot: Malcolm and Marie

No official announcement is in with respect to the storyline, but sources predict the movie somewhere along the lines of The Marriage Story.  We are anticipating the leads to go all out and give us a ride to reminisce.

The making of the film was done under the strict measures and guidelines of DGA, WGA and SAG.  Caterpillar House, an environmentally conscious architectural wonder in California, had most of the shooting. Compromising on the safety and security of the team: a strict no-no according to the makers.

With the safety of the cast and crew at utmost priority, joining the crew, we’re a team of doctors. Guidelines and strict measures are the new norms. With ample time given to the team for sanitising themselves, as well as tests being up twice a day, a safe environment, slowly becoming a reality.

The team of 12, with each member donning multiple roles, with actors juggling the role of stylists as well as handling their own mics serving the norm. The crew began self-isolating with the offset of the movie.

Rumour mills are suggesting that Levinson started working on the script during the nationwide lockdown. A script is born in a matter of 6 days.

Malcolm and Marie is the first feature film to complete it’s shooting during a pandemic crisis and we hope it is a cinematic masterpiece.

Safety Of the cast and crew

Socially distancing themselves, the cast and crew did not mingle with each other. Completing within a span of fifteen days, the crew can be seen maintaining superlative degrees of hygiene on the sets.

The movie is a lesson on how movies and shows, can stand in such trying times, following strict guidelines and taking the adequate measure. This new way of working, stresses the importance of a small passionate crew, who undertakes their work with utmost proficiency. It makes us wonder whether high-end production and large crew are worth it or even a requirement. It is exciting to see what the movie will offer.

Will Zendaya and Sam Levinson recreate their Euphoria magic? We cannot wait to watch Malcolm and Marie!