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“My Hero Academia Season 5”: Will it happen? Will “Deku” prove his worth? Click to know more about release date, cast and more!

My hero academia, a Japanese Superhero manga series, created by  Kōhei Horikoshi. Since its premiere, it has developed as one of the most popular anime series. Kenji Nagasaki directed this series till seasons, while Masahiro Mukai joined the team in seasons as the director. The series consists of 4 seasons and  88 episodes. It revolves around a simple boy born without powers, Izuku Midoriya, in a world consisting of superheroes. He is guided by All Might, Japan’s greatest superhero, who gives his “quirk” to Izuku after discovering his potential.

Official trailer: ” My Hero Academia Season 5″

Anime fans hold your breath, as the most awaited teaser of the 5th installment of the best anime series is out. Check it out here. As far as the trailer is concerned, it will take some time for the production house to release the trailer.

Storyline: “My Hero Academia Season 5”

In a world consisting of humans having superpowers, known as “Quirks”, Izuku Midoriya, a simple boy with no quirk. He dreams of becoming a hero one day. His entire childhood, he is tormented by his aggressive friend, Katsuki Bakugo for being Quirkless. Everyone admires “All Might”, one of the most powerful superheroes. All Might discloses the nature of his Quirk “One For All”. Subsequently, he gives his quirk to Izuku after discovering his potential and courage while in danger. Gradually, Izuku attends the U.A.high school to embark on his path to become a hero. One of his foe, “All for one”  hates the ‘One for All” users. He along with his pupil, Tomura Shigaraki vows to destroy the current society and its heroes.

Plot: “My Hero Academia Season 5”

Season 5 will definitely follow the manga. But, its actual plot is still under the wrap. So, we anticipate that the forthcoming season would start from where the previous season concluded. Deku will learn more facts about the One for All. Endeavor’s journey to reclamation will also start. As well as his relationship with his son, Shouto, will probably be explored as well. Sources suggest towards Deku master his power in the upcoming season. But the biggest mystery ” What will the superheroes do after All Might’s retirement?” will probably be explored in the forthcoming season.

Release date: “My Hero Academia Season 5 “

The 4th season finale had indicated towards the 5th season. But, an official notification came around April 2020. However, no official notification regarding the release date is available. Fans are getting impatient after watching the teaser of the series. So, we anticipate a release date towards the end of 2021 or 2022. The current pandemic situation is creating havoc worldwide as well as affecting the cinematography.

Voice Cast: “My Hero Academia Season 5”

Imagining a new season without the UA students is quite difficult. The English version is dubbed by-

Izuku Midoriya by Justin Briner; Shouto Todoroki by David Matranga; Katsuki Bakougo by Clifford Chapin.   Endeavor by Patrick Seitz; All Might by Christopher Sabat; Mirio Toogata by Ricco Fajardo. As for the opponents, we assume All for One by John Swasey and Tomura Shigaraki by Eric Vale will unleash their terror again.

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