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“No Game,No Life Season 2”: Are “Sora” and “Shiro” are the next rulers of the “Gaming world”? Click to know release date, cast and more!

Madhouse studios adapted anime series named No game, No life is a speculation in the Anime World, created by Yu-Kuniyo is a Japanese dynamic game-based fictional sequence, carried out from the light novel. The fiction will make you introduce to a brother and a sister named ” Shiro” and “Sora”, who exist as a game addict and the personality of Shiro and Sora in the fiction is entirely incredible. It is awfully absurd to shift a glance out of series. A couple of players constantly splash online gaming and confine themselves in a black room. Both the players leave the section of the name empty during online gaming and they are marvelous and unbeatable players they overthrew every player of the Gameworld overall they were introduced as blank in the Gameworld, so the sequel crash a bit metaphysical as well. Meanwhile, Sora and Shiro got an email and after unfolding it they received a message from an unknown writer writing ” Don’t you both think you are born are at the wrong place” they both got confused and suddenly a linked open and a game of chessboard opened on the gaming screen as they were gamers they accepted it as a challenge and after defeating the unknown gamer they simultaneously got a message from a writer writing “Do you want to come out of the world,  world where everything is determined by games. After retorting, they were teleported to the ” world of the game” by “God of the game world”, a planet where stealing, murdering is forbidden but cheating can create problems. Naturally, when they arrived in the world they began participating in the games and succeeding. They are unbeatable the only person they can be beaten is among each other obviously. On adding, the brother and the sister turned on the excursion and instead of coming out of the world, they prefer to rule the ” Gaming world” and the conclusion of the first season isn’t acceptable hence we all are hoping eagerly for the next season.

The sequence getting on to be liberated soon: Release dates are out!

The series was comprehended in 2014 when it first happened in “Konolight novel ga Sugui published in MF Bunko imprint” and known as one of the tops 30 selling novels in Japan. The series was first premiered in 2014 while the sixth volume of the sequence No Game, No Life: Zero was premiered on July 15, 2017. Well, the Anime sequel is less likely to be renewed but rumors are in the atmosphere suggesting the broadcasting of series in 2020 or 2021.

The cast of the Anime: Is any new personality involved in the upcoming season?

The series includes the role of Shiro, Sora, Stephani, Yuk Iguchi, Scott Gibbs, and the fresh personality in the upcoming season will be updated soon.


The must-watch series of Anime which surrounds a brother and a sister. The sequence has a unique art style, unexpected events, and amazing soundtracks, a game based sequence that ended up with suspense and we all are waiting for the next amazing season. I will let you know if there is any updation based on release date and all. Stay safe,keep washing hands!