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“Rising Of A Shield Hero Season 2”: Will “Billy” be back as “Naofumi” to save the world from darkness? Click to know Release Date, Cast and More!

Rising of a Shield Hero is a Japanese novel series. Aneko Yusagi wrote it. Originally published as a web novel series, it initially hit Media Factory. In April 2019,the author published twenty-two volumes. Later it broadcasted as anime-television and adapted into a manga series consisting of 25 episodes. The producers released it on television from January to June 2019.

Release Date of Rising of a Shield Season 2:

The animated “Shield” series, produced by Kinema Citrus hits web television in January 2019. Key Nemesis Studios decided to release a 3rd season as well before season 2 was even released. That’s awesome because the producers have lots of confidence in their product.  The series was supposed to get released in the mid-2020. But unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the producers have postponed the release date for now. As a result, fans have to wait for season 2 and 3. That really hits hard. But, let’s not give up hope and stay tuned for further updates.

Cast Of Rising of a Shield Hero Season 2:

The star casts who will act in Season 2 are Alen Lee, Erica Mendez, Morgan Berry, Billey Kameez, Brianna Knickerbocker, and Xander Mobus, etc.

Plot Of The Rising of a Shield Hero Season 2:

Naofumi Iwatani, a Japanese youth, goes in a parallel world. Along with him three other youths come to become the cardinal heroes. They fight the inter-dimensional hordes of monsters called waves. Season 1 showed us how the princess who was Naofumi’s mate, deceives him, she stole all of his belongings and left him alone to survive. So Fumi becomes more resentful and bitter that he decided to take revenge on the parallel world’s enemies. Later in the season, we saw that Fumi becomes kind and less resentful again that he decided to spare the princess who deceived him once. So season 1 is leaving us in cliffhanger how Fumi deals with the future and his friends. If the shield hero continues to show creative liberties in season 2 by executing them as they have in season 1, it will surely satisfy the audience in a loyal way.

The storyline of Rising OF a Shield Hero Season 2:

The Japanese anime series revolves around the invitation of a youth named Nawofumi Iwatani. He has to come to a parallel world. With his three mates he has to fight with the hordes of monster called waves. They all take a sword as equipment. But only Nawofumi receives a Legendary Shield, a spear and a bow.  All the other mates forms their respective allies. On the other end Nawofumi gets deceived by his mate who is actually a princess of the parallel  world. She steals all of his belongings weapons and leaves him alone.

Later in season 1, we see that he trains himself alone after receiving nothing but deceive from everyone. He buys a girl and an egg that hatches into a bird-like monster, from a slave trader. He takes care of them. As soon as they grow old they gain gratitude for everyone by showing their heroic action. And they involve themselves in saving the world after knowing the mystery of waves and in this way the season 1 ends.