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“SOLO LEVELLING SEASON 2”: What will “Sung Jin-Woo” do this time? Click to know release date, cast and more!

Asia has always been very popular for creating and appreciating anime and manga comics. The popularity of Anime series has been picking up in the western countries as well and many manga and web novels have been turned to television and net series. Solo Levelling is one such animated series that has accumulated a wide fan base. Initially, it gained popularity as a web novel, written by Chu – Gong, printed under papyrus tag and announced by the D & C media.
With its brilliant illustrations, Solo Levelling provides it’s viewers with a world of fantasy and action that seems extremely real and keeps the audience absorbed in the show.

There is a clip of the fantasy world we positively absorb ourselves into :

Will We Get a Sequel Of ” Solo Levelling” Next Year?

The show ” Solo Levelling” was welcomed warmly when it was released on March 4, 2018. The show left it’s audience longing for more episodes when the first season ended on March 19, 2020.
The great support of the spectators has encouraged the makers of the show to return for season 2 but unfortunately, the show will be delayed due to the global pandemic, hence everyone has to wait for at least 2021 to watch their favorite show.

THE PLOT: ” Solo Levelling Season 2″

The series introduces us to a world, where all kind of creatures and monsters exists, although some people referred to as ‘the predators’ have acquired the power to hunt them, the protagonist of the story Sung Jin Woo is the weakest, belongs to the rank of E hunters and is barely stronger than a normal human being. The last season ended in with Sung Jin-Woo discovering a gate and fighting with the monsters. Hence, in Season 2 we are very likely to come face to face with Sung Jin -Woo’s father who is missing in the first season happens to be a national level hunter. We will see a deeper analysis of characters in the second season, most prominently the character of Sung-Jin-Woo. The issues of the USA and China will be portrayed in season 2, we might also witness a battle between national hunters and Sung-Jin -Woo.

CAST: ” Solo Levelling Season 2″

Fans have been curious to know about the cast of ” Solo Levelling Season 2″, updates about the same have been most-awaited, according to the sources, the cast of the first season comprising of Hwang Chi Yeul, Park Hee Jin, Jo Byung- Gyu and Proceed Joon Hee will be returning for the second season.
Moreover, we might expect to see some new faces as the plot progresses. However, the voice cast of ” Solo Leveling Season 2″ has not been disclosed yet. The fans might have to be disappointed if the voices, with which they identify their favorite characters with the change, it would surely come out to be an annoyance for many.  We can keep our fingers crossed, praying that the voicing cast does not change drastically.


We can expect “Solo Leveling Season 2” to be on our screens by 2021. The show will surely be worth the wait as the makers have gained immense support from the viewers and are enthusiastic about giving them a treat!