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“Violet Evergarden Season-2”: Will “Yui Ishikawa” and “Takehito Koyasu” make a comeback with the voice of characters? Click to know about the Release date, Cast, Plot and more!

Violet Evergardern is a Japanese light novel series. Kana Akatsuki is the writer. The director is Taichi Ishidate. This novel won the award in the Kyoto Animation Award’s novel. It became the first novel to win the award in three categories.

In 2018, the anime television series released. In 2019, it won the Best Animation at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards. The IMDb rated it 8.4/10. This show is beautiful and very emotional to watch. It is heartwarming and tear-jerking. If you love to watch emotional and touching stories then you are in the right place. Anyone can fall in love with the main protagonist and the whole cast of the series. The music, visuals, character development, and twists are just phenomenal. This series can prove to be inspiring for many viewers.

Release Date: “Violet Evergarden Season-2”

Season-1 of Violet Evergarden gained huge success. The first series had 13episodes. It started in January 2018 and got ended in April 2018. Initially, the second season was about to release in April 2020 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it could not happen. The new updates regarding the release of the second season are that it will release in September 2020. Fans are just hoping that it should not get postponed.

Cast: “Violet Evergarden Season-2”

The fans are expecting that the cast(voice artists) of the next season will remain the same as the first one.

The voice artists behind the characters of the series are as follows:

  •  Yui Ishikawa(Japanese) and Erika Harlacher(English) voice the character, Violet Evergarden. She is the protagonist of the show and works as a ghostwriter for those who cannot write and express their feelings.
  • Daisuke Koyasu(Japanese) and Tony Azzolino(English) voice the character, Gilbert Bougainvillea. He is the major in the army and belongs to an aristocratic family.
  • Takehito Koyasu(Japanese) and Kyle McCarley(English) voice the character, Claudia Hodgins. He is Gilbert’s friend. He is also a former army commander.
  • Aya Endo(Japanese) and Reba Buhr(English) voices the character, Cattleya Baudelaire. she works as a ghostwriter alongside Violet.
  • Koki Uchiyama(Japanese) and Ben Pronsky(English) voices the character, Benedict Blue. He is a postman.

Along with these voice artists, there are many others who have given the voice to the characters of this show and have made it a hit.

Plot: “Violet Evergarden Season-2”

The series revolves around the main protagonist of the show, Violet ever garden. She was initially a young shoulder but because of the hard circumstances, she had to change her job. She started to work as a ghostwriter. The starting of the show is pretty slow but that is not at all the problem. When the love of her life(Major Gilbert) died in a war, he uttered the last words, “I love you.” to Violet. These got stuck with her and she wanted to find the meaning of those words. Therefore, she joined a job so that she could understand the meaning of those words.

There are hopes that Major Gilbert can still be alive so stay tuned with all the new updates. There is going to be an interesting love angle between Violet and Major, so the next season will be a treat to watch. This show is going to make the fans sad but in a beautiful way.

It will be amazing to see Violet in the emotional rollercoaster ride in the next season. Season-2 will bring many plot twists and some interesting turns. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next season because of the interesting story plot but due to the pandemic, the release date is far.

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Stay tuned for the latest updates and stay safe! 🙂