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“Watchmen Season 2”: Will “Lindelof’s” epic narrative have a continuation? Click to know about the release date, Cast, Plot and more!

Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen premiered in HBO on October 20, 2019. This thriller has held us captivated ever since its release. It is the continuation of the 1986 DC Comics. The series is a hit. There are nine episodes in the first season. The season ended on December 15, 2019. The fans are eagerly awaiting the next season. But Damon said he isn’t interested in continuing the show. HBO is in all talks to continue it for the sake of the audiences. With no official announcement made, the fans are hoping for the best. To know more about the series keep reading the article.

“Watchmen Season 2” Release date:

The limited TV series is based on a graphic novel of the same name. It aired between October 20, 2019, and December 15, running for a total of nine episodes. When Lindelof was questioned about a possible second season, he said that he had done what he signed up for. Subsequently, HBO also intimated that there were no plans for making another season of Watchmen. However, Lindelof wants someone else to “take a shot at it.” He said, “Suffice to say that I just feel like what’s best for Watchmen, this thing that I love, is for someone else to take their shot at it. I think that that’s just going to be much more interesting than anything that I would do moving forwards. And it’s not that I take the opportunity for granted.”

Nonetheless, HBO programming chief Casey Bloys has left it on the hands of the man himself, if in future, he wants to continue with the project. But for now, a second season is as far as the South Pole.

When the reporters asked Regina King, the lead actress of the series if the series will have another season, she replied it depends. “HBO is pulling the thread, but if Damon feels he can’t do it we have to oblique.” If the show has the second season Damon will not be a part of it. Since it is his script we doubt the characters will have the same sequel. Season 2 might be a little different. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, most of the filming is stopped. This might also delay the release of the show. We will keep you updated about all the latest information, so stay tuned to our website.

“Watchmen Season 2” Cast:

Backed with the powerful cast is an addition to the show. The cast of season 1 will be recurring in the next season too.

  • Regina King as Angela Abar
  • Don Johnson as Judd Crawford
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Wade Tillman
  • Yahya Abdul Mateen as Calvin Abar
  • Andrew Howard as Red Scare
  • Tom Mison as Mr.Philips
  • Sara Vickers as Ms.Croolashanks

If there is any addition of actors we have to wait for official announcements.

Amazon Studios, NBC Universal International Studios, Tomorrow Studios, and Working Title Television are the producers of the show. David Farr has the director’s hat; he also wrote the film “Hanna” on which the series takes its plot.

Season 2 saw some new additions to the cast of Season 1: Dermot Mulroney (as John Carmichael), Anthony Welsh (as Leo Garner), Cherelle Skeete (as Terri Miller), Severine Howell-Meri and Gianna Kiehl as Helen and Jules respectively.

We can expect almost all the characters to be back for Season 3, along with a few new additions: Esme Creed-Miles (plays Hanna), Mireille Enos (plays Marissa Wiegler), Joel Kinnaman (plays Erik Heller), Noah Taylor (plays Dr. Roland Kunek), Dermot Mulroney (plays John Carmichael)
Among others, some of the principal cast members are Regina King (as Angela Abar), Don Johnson (as Judd Crawford), Tim Blake Nelson (as Wade Tillman). Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (as Calvin Abar), Andrew Howard (as Red Scare), and Sara Vickers (as Ms. Crookshanks).

“Watchmen Season 2” Plot:

The second season will pick up where the first one ends. Angela has swallowed the egg left by her husband Dr.Manhattan. We have to wait to see if she has acquired his powers. The next season will have more twists and turns. It is expected to elaborate more about the characters and of the vigilantes. The fate of Angela is also expected to be positive. With snippets of information provided the clear picture not clear.

The show went to dark when Angela is supposedly about to eat the egg that would turn her into god inheriting Doctor Manhattan’s powers. We are not sure if she really ate it. This opens the possibility of a second season that could take it from the ending of the show. However, the makers see the ending fit for the plot. The question that remains is, what will Angela do after she inherits the powers? What will the world look like? The questions abound; the answers, although, are in the present – change for a better tomorrow. No matter the show writers or creators, we all have a stake in how the future will look like for the world.

“Watchmen Season 2” Storyline:

Watchmen is based on the comic by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. It was first set in 1986. It narrates the story of the masked vigilantes who were once heroes. The story is now set in 2019 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2016 the team of members known as the seventh cavalry rides 40 policemen houses. They are white supremacist. Many people are killed during this war. Robert Redford is the President of the United States. This leads to a big rivalry and so the policemen wear masks. Angela Abar is the main lead. The commotion is the centre of the story. The story is captivating. With the abrupt ending, the fans are demanding for another season. But we have to wait for further announcements from the team.

The series begins on the Eve of Christmas in 2016 when a  white supremacist group known as the Seventh Kavalry shelled the houses of forty police officers who worked for the Tulsa PD. Among the survivors, Detective Angela and Chief Crawford stayed on with the police force. Due to the tensions between the civilians and the police, the latter was required by law to conceal their police identity by wearing masks. The police are working to catch hold of the Kavalry; the show brings about twists and turns along the way. It deals with racism, white supremacy, and police brutality, themes that are still prevalent openly in the American society. The society could use some impression if a new season does catch up on the plot of Season 1.