“Santa Clarita Diet Season 4”: Will “Drew Barrymore” return in the upcoming season? Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

Seems like Santa Clarita Diet won’t be coming with its fourth season. The streaming platform, Netflix has canceled the much-liked show apparently due to low viewership. Santa Clarita Diet is an American hor-com TV show that first aired on February 3, 2017. It is created by none other than Victor Fresco.

Here is everything you need to know about Santa Clarita Diet Season 4.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Release Date

The second season released on March 23, 2018, with the next season coming around the same month in 2019. It was announced on April 26, 2019, that the show won’t come for another season that took the fans off their feet and not in a good way. It is unlikely that it will be picked up by another channel, for the clause in the contract with Netflix that does not allow it for two or three years. Having said that, we don’t think there ever will be another season to watch.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Cast

If it ever is picked up by any other platform, we can expect the familiar faces back on the show. Drew Barrymore will play Sheila; Timothy Olyphant will play Joel. Other returning actors include Liv Hewson, Skyler Cisondo, Mary Elizabeth Elis, Natalie Morales, Jonathan.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Plot

With the show being canceled and all, we don’t know about the plot details of the season. Regardless, the show left with a lot of questions unanswered, which will remain so in the far future as well. If a Season 4 comes to be, it could start with clearing some of the hanging points of the last season. Sheila bit Joel in order to save him. Could it mean that Joel will become a zombie too? How would it affect their relationship? We have no darn clue since Season 4 is dead and buried.

Santa Clarita Diet: Storyline

Sheila and Joe are two real estate agents in Santa Clarita. After having eaten infected clams, Sheila undergoes a metamorphosis which makes her undead. Basically, this means that her heart has stopped but she is alive. With this transformation, her diet changes, now lusting for human flesh. Her husband does not leave her side throughout all this, cleaning her tracks wherever she hunts to satisfy her urges. They attempt to deal with their new normal as best as they can and understand how this occurrence originated.

The makers of the show Victor Fresco and Tracy Kautsky stated after the cancelation of the show reached to them and I quote, “Netflix took a chance on this odd show, and we will always be grateful for that. They were supportive, ever positive, and appreciative of our work, until about noon today. Still, they were just one phone call away from being a perfect studio. Not bad.”

Fans are disappointed with the decision of Netflix to cancel the show. Not many zombie shows give the vibe that Santa Clarita Diet did. The show did a great job of mixing two genres. For now, this is the end of the show. We will update you if there is even a hint of the show coming back.

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