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“World War Z 2”: Will “Brad Pitt” return for another “World War Z”? Click here to know the Release Date, Cast, Plot & more!

Zombies! Zombies are everywhere.there is no place on earth to hide. And it’s at the edge of apocalypse. World War is an American apocalyptic action movie. Firstly, the exciting part of the movie is  Brad Pitt. He portrays the protagonist Gerry Lane in the movie. It is an adaptation of the novel written by Max Brooks in 2006. Marc Foster directed the movie and released it in 2013. Matthew Micheal Carnahan, Drew Goddard, and Damon Lindelof wrote the screen story for the movie.

This major hit of 2013 suffered from many setbacks. Brad Pitts Plan B Entertainment got the right to film the novel in 2007. The film started its journey in July 2011 in Malta. After some setbacks in production, the release date postponed many times. Eventually, the film got released in London on 3 June 2013. And it was a commercial hit and collected $540 million globally.

World War Z 2: The Release Date

World War Z  received good reviews.more over Brad Pitt’s performance added more mileage to the movie. So, after the blockbuster hit of World War Z, the producers decided to go for a sequel. But unfortunately, some budget issues badly affected World War Z 2.Brad decided to join with “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.Also, the director moved to another project.

World War Z 2: The Cast

According to the latest news there, won’t be a second movie on behalf of Worl War Z. But, if it had launched Bratt Pitt will be playing Gerry Lane. We saw our favorite stars in World War Z. Some of them are Mireille Enos as Karin Lane. And James BadgeDale as Captain Speke. We saw Matthew fox as a para jumper. Also Daniella Kertesz as Segan. The movie had other supporting stars such as Abigail Hargrove, Sterling Jerins, Ludi Boeken, and many more.

World War Z 2: The Plot

The latest updates are pointing out that, there won’t be World War Z 2.And of course the plot for World War Z 2 is not available. According to the fans, there is enough stuff for another movie. As the novel insists on one. The Book cleary speaks more and World War 2 has only portrayed some of it. There is a possibility for another movie in the future. And if there is a second one from the creators we will definitely let you know.

World War Z 2: The Storyline

The apocalyptic action horror movie speaks about the zombie rise all over the world. Gerry Lane the former UN agent and his family including wife and two daughters got stuck in traffic. This story happens in Philadelphia. The city is heavily infested by zombies. Later, sending his family to a shelter , he travels to find the vaccine . With WHO he moves to South Korea and there he finds a way to end the apocalyptic situation. He injects a deadly pathogen on himself and resists Zombies. Fortunately, This works. the doctors in WHO treats him and cures him. Then , he returns to his family in the shelter. With the new vaccine, he cures the infected people. Thus helps the world to get out of the worst situation.