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“Aggretsuko Season 3”: click below to know about release date, cast, storyline and more.

Aggretsuko, the very loved anime show is a Japanese comedy. The show is also known by the name of its’s original title ‘Aggressive Retsuko’. The show is love across the globe and never misses to entertain its fan. Read more to know ragarding the release of upcoming seasons, cast, plot, storyline and more.

“Release of Season 3”

Well here is good news for the audience out there, Aggretsuko season 3 is confirmed officially to be launched soon. The preparation has begun but, the official date is still under wraps. It can only be predicted that the show will be launched soon in July or August because of the confirmation of renewal. The fans are waiting eagerly and they are already in love with the show. Not to mention that the show is one of the comedy anime on Netflix.

“About Aggetsuko”

The worldwide loved comedy show has already gained a huge reputation. In day to day life where people get stressed because of their daily life, comedy shows like “Aggretsuko” have to be everyone’s favourite. The show is also known as Aggressive Retsuko. This is one of the musical comedy show and full of entertainment. The franchise is based on the eponymous character which is created by ‘Yeti’.


The comedy show is directed by ‘Rarecho’ and produced under ‘Fanworks’ studio. Originally, TBS Television showed “Aggretsuko” but soon it became popular and now we can enjoy the show even on ‘Netflix’.


Aggretsuko has a total of 100 episodes till now and it holds a total of two seasons. The first season was launched on April 20, 2018, on Netflix. If you are an anime lover you are definitely going to love the show. Well talking about casts, the show possesses a number of entertaining characters. The lead character and our most favourite is Retsuko. Ms Washimi and Gori are few other characters, fans love to watch. Few more characters are as follows:-
Komiyoa Tsunoda
Director Ton
In the next season too these characters are not gonna miss any chance to entertain the audience. Anime lovers are going to love the show even more for sure.
There is no news of any new characters to be in season 3 but, keep updated as we will be posting if anything new drops.


The previous storyline revolves around retsuko, who is 25 years old. Retsuko gets frustrated with her job and co-workers.


Every night she visits karaoke and let all her emotions and frustrations get out. But this life and this daily pattern of her takes a twist. She marries a co-worker with whom she was in a relationship. This definitely changes the storyline a little. The upcoming seasons can revolve around these events. Retauko can be seen juggling with new duties and responsibilities. Aggretsuko Season 3 will be as entertaining as the current episodes. The audiences are already waiting and their wait is definitely worthy.
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