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Bayonetta 3 :What does Platinum’s Hideki Kamiya have to say about the release? Click here for release,updates and more!

Bayonetta fans, be ready to embrace the good news.   Regardless of the silence since the third part of the delightful franchise of Nintendo Switch was announced in 2017, the curator of the game at Platinum Games’ still declares that the game is yet not finished developing. The 3rd part of the game is still I development which is going smoothly since it’s the last revelation in 2017. The creator of the video game series Hideki Kamiya in the latest issue of Famitsu verified that the third entry of the Bayonetta series is yet in the midst of the development and said that it is “progressing smoothly.”He also added, “Actually, there’s a lot of hidden info in the teaser announcement of 2017″.


Release Date: “Bayonetta 3”

Kamiya told the people at VGC that since he is on twitter he comes across a lot of comments every day. He said that though he is happy that people are still curious and excited about the title one thing came as a slight surprise-some people starting to have questions if the game has been canceled. But he was quick to ensure that-“I want all of you guys to take any concerns regarding that and throw them out the window immediately as we’re still hard at work on it and it has not been canceled by any means. Please do look forward to it!”
So even though we still Rae in the shadow as to when exactly can we get our hands on Bayonetta 3 we can be optimistic as it’s surely on its way.

About: “Bayonetta 3”

During the 2017 Game Awards, Bayonetta 3’s announcement for Nintendo Switch was done with a teaser for the first time. The trailer with just a minute long time limit sees Bayonetta getting shot with electrically charged bolts and getting six bullets in return to that. The bullets seem to strike an invisible surface having a purple-tinged electric layer and then falling apart. In the end, we see Bayonetta collapsing down and letting go of her two guns. A new 10th Anniversary Bundle of Bayonetta and Vanquish is on the books to be released to the West by Platinum Games.  On May 28th of this year, a Japanese version of the bundle is expected to launch. Bayonetta 1 released back in 2009 for PS3 and Xbox 360 and resulted to be the most profitable product of the multi-game deal between the two companies, Platinum and Sega.


Story: “Bayonetta 3”

If you have already completed playing the previous 2 parts of the series, you know that part 2 ended with a mystery that gets the first game in moving. It left on a good note as the loop being closed but at the cost of loss of both Bayonetta’s parents. Though in the trailer it seems like we are playing as the Bayonetta we know from the other game parts but people have very well witnessed time travel in the series so all we can do is play the guessing game until further info comes our way. It would surely be riveting if the third game turns out to be a prequel and paved through the happenings of the civil war among the Umbra Witches and  Lumen Sages that paves the way for the 2 main games. It will be interesting to have a new opponent to fight with or a deeper study and skillsets of the favorite characters. In the ending sequence, we see that Loki will meet Bayonetta in the near future and so Loki might play the main suspect apart from others.

Expected Plot: “Bayonetta 3”

With the success of the previous parts, this upcoming part might include some over the top combat instances and bring in some more characters in the game apart from the main protagonist. It would be surely fun to play as Loki, Jeanne, or Rosa for that matter. The game is surely going to innovate Bayo’s character and introduce new ideas for weaponry, skillset, and combats but the base work is already there and it will still be exciting to play even after 10 years. Fans are surely excited and anticipating an exciting comeback.