“Bosch Season 7”: Is “Titus Welliver” ready with his “Harry Bosch” to play another thrilling season? Click here to know Release Date, Cast, Plot and more!

All the detective series fans out there please buckle up! Because the best ever police thriller is back with a Season 7. Yes, we are talking about the Bosch Season 7. Bosch is an American Police Crime Drama premiering as web television series. Eric Overmyer developed this show for Amazone. Also, Amazone Studios and Fabrik Entertainment Produce the series. Bosch is not an independent work. It takes its inspiration from the novels City Of Bones, Echo Park, The Concrete Blonde, Last Coyote, Trunk Music, and many more from Michel Connelly. We can see the specs of these novels in different seasons.

Bosch Season 7: The Release Date

In early 2014 Amazone Released Bosch for the first time. And Ever since it became a favorite among the Crime -Thriller genre. Until 16 April 2020, Amazone aired another 5 seasons. Even before the release of Season 6, they announced the renewal of a Season 7 on 13 February 2020. As it has taken over the world, the coronavirus pandemic has shooked the film industry too. Thus, there is no official news is out yet about the release of Season 7. We expect it to be premiered in 2021 due to the delay occurred. Let’s hope it won’t take too long.

Bosch Season 7: The Cast

Bosch seasons were accepted by both critics and fans. It has an Awsome star cast starting from Titus Welliver. And he played Harry Bosch an L.A.P.D Analyst. We can’t forget Detective Jerry Edgar played by Jamie Hector as Bosch’s partner. Amy Aquino played Lieutenant Grace Billers, Bosch’s superior and friend. We saw Lance Reddick playing Irvin Irving, the Chief of Police.

Bosch Season 7: The Plot

We have fan theories right now. Because the trailers are not yet released. One thing can be sure, that Season 7 also going to entertain its fans as its previous seasons. When we watch closely, we can see each of the series adapts its story from a different novel. As we can see, Season 1 from the Concrete Blonde, City of Bones and Echo Park. Season 2 got its inspiration from The Last Coyote and Trunk Music. Season 3 From The Black Echo and the Darkness more than Night. The list goes on. Thus the predictions about the plot are hard to make. We can speculate that Season 7 will also be inspired by another Micheal Connelly novel.

Bosch Season 7: The Storyline

Bosch is a crime thriller and of course, it adheres to the case study and solving the hidden. Bosch finds some bones in a field and identifies it belongs to a 12-year-old boy who disappeared since 1989. He solves the case by arresting the serial killer who is behind the murder. Season 2 is about investigating the murder of a Hollywood producer in Las Vegas. And the next season, Season 3  opens with the murder of graffiti tagging street urchin. This story develops from the novel The Black Echo, A Darkness More than Night, and The Drop.

Season 4 discuss about police brutality. A Civil rights attorney Howard Elias is murdered. In this season the investigation points to bosch’s Ex-wife. And he find some clue about his mother’s murder. As we discussed each season tells a different case and the same thrilling experience.



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