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Castlevania Season 4:Will the Infinite Corridor reopen?Is Alucard going to come face to face with betrayal?Click here to know Release Date ,Cast and Plot!

We are eagerly waiting to devour the latest season 4 of Castlevania and we’re most obviously not the only people.
The writer of the beloved show, Warren Ellis revealed that even before season 3 was on its way fans were bombarding him with questions about the 4th and a 5th season.
Though a 4th season is most surely on its way fans still can’t get over how the 3rd season ended.  The death of Dracula and it’s repercussions on the whole storyline has our heads puzzled.


Release Date: “Castlevania Season 4”

Taking into account how complicated and elaborate the animation of Castlevania is, it can be understood that the duration gap between the release of seasons is comparatively more than any others of Netflix Originals. The time span between the two seasons was 15 long months and after that fans had to wait even a longer span of 16 months for the 3rd installment. If the show continues to follow a similar pattern we might be seeing the 4th season by mid or end of 2021.
But there’s another problem in the way. In spite of the show’s renewal the executive producer Adi Shankar seems to be working presently on another TV adaptation of a video game, which might further delay production of Castlevania. But it can be a possibility that Castlevania being an animated show it might not be affected like other productions of shows due to the coronavirus outbreak but it is just a possibility.

Storyline: “Castlevania Season 4”

In Castlevania Season 3 we get to witness the most extraordinary and remarkable battle sequences of all until this point in the show. We see the stars of the show evolve and develop new skill sets and abilities and are hardly able to cut our excitement. One of the main characters, Alucard a man engulfed with disappointment, sorrow and misery follows a despicable story and changes into an animal towards the end of the 3rd season. But he is not the only one experiencing betrayal and turning into someone negative. The end of the third season also saw Lisa and Dracula in hell. This was after Dracula died at the hands of his own son, Alucard. Even though Dracula was shown the antagonist throughout the series, fans felt attached to the character somehow. After the death of his wife, he became inhumane and even considered killing his own child Alucard whom he claimed to be a blessing. He reached the point of no return. Alucard knew what he had to do and he kind of granted his father’s unspoken wish. And Alucard knew that his bloodline being cursed his father had nothing to stay back for.


Cast: “Castlevania Season 4”

Though there are magicians and vampires moving around,  a few characters from last season who are still going to stay dead in season four are  Jason Isaacs’s The Judge, Toru Uchikado, or Taka and  Rila Fukushima aka Sumi. The characters who will probably return include  Trevor Belmont by Richard Armitage,  Adrian “Alucard” Tepes by James Callis,  Sypha Belnades by Alejandra Reynoso,  Hector by Theo James, Isaac by Adetokumboh M’Cormack, Carmilla by Jaime Murray, Lenore by Jessica Brown Findlay, Morana by Yasmia Al Massri, Striga by Ivana Milicevic, Saint Germain by Bill Nighy. Alucard’s mother and father may return back because we most surely saw them through the Infinite Corridor in hell.

Plot: “Castlevania Season 4”

From all the four storylines which ran side by side in season three, we can draw a guess about what to expect further. Firstly we can see Taka and Sumo’s betrayal to Alucard. Then we might mostly see Dracula’s son grow more unsympathetic to the outside world later to killing his father and he most certainly can also unleash and get consumed by his whole powers . The enslavement of Hector thus means that the plan of Carmilla to acquire  Wallachia will be forwarded in the next season. We can expect her new army to arrive and invade . Trevor and Sypha may have won from the Dracula-worshipping group of Lindenfeld, but the future looks unsettled. The previously closed Infinite Corridor might open again and might see Dracula and his wife return.