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Extraction 2: Will we see Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake once more in the much awaited sequel? Read to know the release date, plot, cast and more about this Netflix exclusive film!

Packed to its brim with break-neck action sequences and intense chases, the 2020 Netflix Exclusive film “Extraction” starring Chris Hemsworth in the lead role as Tyler Rake gained a significant amount of success quickly after its release. The movie appealed both to the fans of “John Wick”-Esque movies and to fans of movies like “Die Hard” as well. Sam Hargrave’s work in directing the movie and the choice of casting Indian actors for a movie set in an Indian setting made a lot of impact in making the film work perfectly on screen. Seeing its success, Hargrave has said in interviews that a sequel to the film will be made. Read this article to catch up with all the updates about the sequel!

Release Date: “Extraction 2”

The first part was released only a few months ago this year. Therefore, it is obvious that the sequel is still in the early stages of development. On top of that, the production of the film hasn’t yet been officially confirmed. As it stands, it is hard to say when we might be able to see a sequel for the film. If the current pandemic isn’t extended beyond this year and all goes well, then taking into account the filming and post-production time, we can probably expect to see the film in 2022 at the earliest. This is understandable, however, since the film was just released a while ago.

Cast: “Extraction 2”

It is most likely that Chris Hemsworth would return to the role of ‘Tyler Rake’ if a sequel is filmed. However, we should keep in mind that Hargrave hasn’t made any comments about the casting yet. Although, most people would think that bringing back Chris would be a smart choice to make since the first movie did amazingly well with Chris’s role in it. There’s also the possibility of the return of Golshifteh Farahani as ‘Nik Khan’, Adam Bessa as ‘Yaz’, and Rudhraksh Jaiswal as ‘Ovi’. All these choices are still just speculations and predictions though. We will have to wit for more updates on this film.

Plot: “Extraction 2”

The last movie ended with ‘Tyler Rake’s’ possible demise after he gets shot in the neck and falls in the river. However, in a final scene, we see someone watching Ovi and viewers speculate that it is quite possibly Tyler who survived the fall. On this note, it would make sense to once more see the character to be seen in the sequel. However, there is the possibility of the sequel exploring Tyler’s past or a future mission. In any case, it would be quite interesting to see either plotline unravel before us. In case any new updates come out, we will make sure to post them first!

Storyline: “Extraction 2”

The first movie followed the story of the son(Ovi) of an Indian drug lord who’s in jail. His son is captured by a rival drug lord’s men in Dhaka. To rescue him, the father orders a former Para operator Saju to bring him back. Saju decides to hire a mercenary group which includes Tyler Rake, a black market mercenary. The entire film is filled with rival gang violence, betrayal among mercenary teams, and Tyler trying to protect Ovi. It is jam-packed with action scenes and ends with Tyler rescuing Ovi but seemingly dying in the process. We highly recommend watching the film.

We are very excited to see the thrilling sequel with Tyler in it once more! Are you?