“God Of War 5”: Will “Claudia Black” return in the upcoming game sequel? Click to know plot, cast and gameplay!

The ‘Sony Santa Monica’s’, “God Of War 5″ is a very trending Video Game. It was a debut in the year 2005, the video game franchise. Since then the game” God of War”¬† is very popular and one of the staple games in Song PlayStation.

God of War gameplay portrays combo-based combat through the gamer’s main weapon. Also the Blades of Chaos, and a secondary weapon later obtained in the game. It also features puzzles, platforming elements, quick-time events that involve a specific game controller. These acts from the gamer’s hands-on in a limited time to beat stronger foes. Four magical attacks and power-enhancing features are also available to the players as alternative combat options.

Release Date: “God Of War 5”

The last game was released in 2018, which was “Reboot God Of War”. Audiences and players loved that game. The Next in the series is “God Of War 5” which is under development. This time too is manufactured by the ‘Sony Santa Monica’ and will be published by the publisher ‘Sony Interactive Entertainment’.

The lovers of “God Of War” have to wait for the release till 2021. We can expect it to be made and released a bit earlier than this prediction to that is at the end of 2020. So, Let’s hope for the best game in the series for this time as the developers of the game might be working hard to give us the best experience they could. Since the release of the game isn’t officially announced, so we can only give the predication and update you as soon as it is updated.

¬†Release Platforms: “God Of War 5”

The report says that the “God of War 5” will be arriving on the Xbox show and Windows after it is published on PlayStation. Creators have confirmed this, too. Fans can install the game from play station very easily once it is officially released.

Cast: “God Of War 5”

The Cast and Characters for the “God of War 5” include almost the same characters because that is the base of the game. It includes-Claudia Black -Artemis, Steven Blum(Ares), Susanne Blakelee(Oracle of Athens and Village Oracle), Paul Eiding (Zeus, Grave Digger, and Greek Soldier), Terrence C. Carson (Kratos) Linda Hunt (Narrator).

Keith Ferguson (Boat Captain, Greek Solder), Rob Paulsen (Greek Soldier), Nolan North (Hades, Fisherma, Greek Soldier), Christopher Corey Smith (Body Burner, Greek Soldier), Carole Ruggier (Athena, Aphrodite), Fred Tatasciore (Poseidon, Fisherman), Gwendoline Yeo (Lysnadra Town Square Woman) and Courtenay Taylor (Twins).

Plot: “God Of War 5”

It is predicted that the God of War 5 will continue to be using Norse mythology. Fights are likely to continue. Environmental artist Nate Stephens said, “If Kratos were to challenge Odin or Thor, it would need to get bigger and better than what they were doing with this new setup made. What’s more, it will be much longer for the story itself.

God of War 5 continues the story left off by the last God of War game and discusses Northern mythology in more depth, much as the first God of War trilogy did with Greek mythology.

Storyline: “God Of War 5”

The story is told mostly in flashback, after being framed with a scene from the present in which Kratos, standing is on top of Greece ‘s highest cliff, laments how the gods left him and then proceeds to throw himself into the waters below. God of War has a heavy emphasis on bloody combat and puzzle-solving, just like Prince of Persia: Warrior Inside.

Kratos’s magical powers

Kratos, the main character in the show “God of War”, uses a number of weapons as well as magic powers. He uses them to battle several different types of monsters. Most of them based on Greek mythology creatures.

They are spread throughout the game and are obtainable in different ways. They are orbs of red experience that allow him to upgrade his weapons and magical powers. Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers are also be found, allowing him to increase overall health and magic, respectively.


Throughout the plot, Kratos obtains multiple weapons and powers from the various Olympian gods. Many of these are linked to classic Greek myths. Such as spells like Medusa’s Eye, or arms like Artemis’ Sword.

Teaser/Trailer: “God Of War 5”

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