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Horizon Zero Dawn season 2: Will Aloy be able to restore mankind back? Click to know about trailer, release dates, latest updates and more!

Are you madly in love with games? Are you among those who like adventure and technology? If yes, then “Horizon Zero Dawn” is the right pick for you!

Created by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive “Horizon Zero Dawn” is an action based role-playing game. Released for PlayStation 4 on 28th Februar, 2017 the game is played in single player mode and works on the engine of Decima. Action role-playing is its genre.

Set on a post- apocalyptic setting, the game was praised by everyone including the critics. Major thanks to its good visuals, story, combat feature etc. Game also has an amazing sound track by Joris de Man. Soon after its release, the game became the Best selling PS4 game. The huge success and all the praises game received paved its way for winning many awards. By February 2019, game sold almost 10 million copies. With keeping all of this in mind, makers have decided to install it for the second season as well.



The game has set on the lands of San Francisco of the post apocalyptic era. “Aloy” the main character, belongs to a tribal community. She learns alot about the old world and discovered technological stuffs left behind by humans about 1000 years ago. The human existence on Earth came to an end with Faro Plague during which an army of self reliable, militarised machines malfunctioning destroyed the life and everything around.

As humanity  was endangered, Project Zero Dawn was created. Governed by Artificial intelligence GIGA, its aim was to restore life and normalcy on Earth. GIGA was unsuccessful though. The other subordinate driven by Artificial intelligence called HADES was then askes to destroy mankind so that no life could exist on earth. This has left GIGA with no options but to start again.

The “Cult group of Eclipse” and other leaders join hands with HADES and plan for mass extinction. The season finale ended with Aloy stopping Eclipse and stabbing HADES to death.

Whats next?

In Horizon Forbidden West, we can expect an underwater playing mode. Guerrilla is planning a Horizon Zero Dawn trilogy.

The storyline will pickup from where it last ended. It is right to assume that HADES is still alive and was saved by Sylene according to a post-scene release. Its is also suspected that it is Sylene who is involved in  the rise of the new “Red Blight” as we all have seen in the trailer.


The official trailer is released and fans just can’t keep calm after seeing it. Trailer has so far got good response and we expect the same from the game.

Whats new?

The game will surely make a comeback with new features. Underwater playing is one amongst them. Aloy will get to explore alot more about the new world. “Red Blight” is still wrapped under mystery.

When to expect?

The game is set to return of PlayStation 5 which itself is yet to launch. Although, once the new PlayStation will hit the market the game will follow it anytime soon.
As the entire world suffers from the deadly pandemic, its unsure when exactly we will get to see it. Its however expected that PlayStation 5 will release next year followed by the game.

As already said, story will continue with the previous plot, characters are going to be same. Introduction of new plot might lead to the introduction of new characters as well.

We are done for now! Stay with us for the all the latest updates and more. Till then stay home and stay safe people!