“Locke & Key Season 2”: Will “Darby Stanchfield” return in the upcoming season? Find out the release date, cast and plot!

The show Locke & Key has been renewed for a second season. The news came in March 2020, after a month of its premiere on February 7, 2020, on Netflix. The series comes with its keys and mysteries that unravel gradually. Based on the comic book series, Locke & Key follows the story of the Locke siblings who, upon moving to their ancestral home, Keyhouse, discover magical keys, each with their extra-ordinary power. It would have been a pity if Keyhouse did not come with the keys, as the name stands.   Here is everything you need to know about Locke & Key Season 2!

Locke & Key Season 2: Release Date

With the pandemic and the attached paranoia, the show hasn’t taken into production, yet. It is possible that the season will air next year or a year after that, considering shows like these take a longer time than usual to finish the production.

Locke & Key Season 2: Cast

Created by Carlton Cuse, Meredith Averill, and Aron Eli Coleite, the series has a string of interesting characters played by the equally talented star cast. The makers made sure that they hired inclusive cast, with physically and mentally challenged character studded in the story.

The main cast includes Darby Stanchfield (plays Nine Locke), Connor Jessup (plays Tyler Locke), Jackson Robert Scott (plays Bode Locke), Emilia Jones (plays Kinsey Locke), Griffin Gluck (plays Gabe), and Laysla De Oliveira (plays Dodge). They are likely to return for Season 2.

Locke & Key Season 2: Plot

Season one was about the discovery of the keys and the next season will be about the consequences of it – simple. It is revealed during the finale of the season that Dodge is alive.

We hope that season two will explore the origin of the keys and how they came about. The books say that the soldiers during the War of Independence turned the whispering lumps of metal into such keys. Now, the whispering pieces of iron are the demons that escaped into this world from their universe.

There is a chance that more keys will turn up in the next season. Here we have a list of the keys – Giant Key ( turns you into a giant), Angel Key (lets you fly), Animal key (transforms you into an animal), Bitey key (teeth open a door), Hercules necklace (turns you into Hulk-like) and the Key to the Moon (that lets you into the afterlife).

Here is what Jones has to say about the season:

“I have no idea what season 2 is gonna hold. Kinsey is gonna have to figure out that they’ve thrown Ellie through the Omega door, and that she’s facing a demon. And maybe she’ll put her fear back in her head, at some point.”

“And Tyler is gonna be 18, so he’ll start forgetting the magic, which will be a good storyline because Tyler and Kinsey are so close. They talk about everything and do everything together.”

Well, we can expect demons and magic in the next season too. Watch the space for more updates!


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