Love is Blind Season 2 with Chris Coelen CONFIRMED, Release Date, Cast, Plot and more!

“Love is blind” is a dating reality TV show. Kinetic Content is the producer and Chris Coelen is the creator of the show. It premiered on Netflix on February 13, 2020, as a three-week event with ten episodes. The show is similar to “The Bachelor” and “Married at First Sight”. The audience was real quick to compare the shows. Netflix renewed the show for two more seasons on March 24, 2020.

Here’s every update about the reality show second season that you should know!

Release Date: “Love is Blind Season 2”

The team has not released any information regarding the release date of the series. As we all know the production has been halted due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic for safety reasons. We are expecting to watch another couple’s love story next year. The production will only resume once the situation is better and it’ll be safe for people to step out. Once we’ll watch the second season of the series be ready to watch the third one too!

Cast: “Love is Blind Season 2”

The cast for the first season was from Atlanta. Chris Coelen has recently confirmed that he pods are still there. Hence, we might see the same experiment on the second season’s contestants. The Kinetic Castings brought the contestants Barnett and Amber, Jessica and Marc, Lauren and Cameron in the first season. They all became famous on Instagram within a few weeks.

This season the producers have decided to open up to divorcees, older people or even single parents, who are willing to find love. Coelen wanted to break the stereotypes about love. So he decided to bring all the factors into play regardless of age. The casts for the second season is currently unknown and fans cant wait to see the couple’s falling in love!

Format: “Love is Blind”

The show is about finding love. Thirty men and women are chosen who are willing to find their love. They get to go on a blind date for ten days in different pods. They can talk to each other but can’t see the other person. After they’ve decided their partner the men propose to the women with whom they want to spend the rest of their life. After propose they come face to face for the first time.

The couples are then sent on a holiday where they can spend their time to get to know each other. After spending the time they return to an apartment back in Atlanta. While living there they meet each other parents. On the wedding day during the wedding ceremony, the couples finally decide at the altar if they want to get married or split up. Their answer at the end of the show is what answers to the question “Is Love Blind”?

Trailer: “Love is Blind Season 2”

The trailer of the show is not available currently as we know it’s because of the situation of COVID-19 global pandemic. But no worries whenever the trailer is released we’ll be the one to inform you. Till then keep patience.

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