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My First love is a South Korean web series directed by Oh Jin-Seok. This romantic comedy is a prequel to the series My First Time that premiered in the year 2015 on the Korean channel OnStyle, which was produced by the same production company, AStory. The first season of the series My First Love premiered on 18th April 2019, with Netflix as its network. So far the series has been able to release two seasons and sixteen episodes, which lead to the gain of a huge fan following. This show mainly revolves around five friends and their experiences regarding friendship and love.

The Cast for the Korean Series My First Love

The main cast for the series includes Ji Soo who portrays the character of Yun Tae-o, Jung Chae-Yeon who portrays the character of Han Song-i, Jung Jin-Young who portrays the character of Seo Do-Hyeon, Choi Ri who portrays the character of O Ga-Rin, Kang Tae-Oh who portrays the character of Choe Hun. The recurring actors for the series who we might get to see again if there is a third season will be Yoon Da Hoon asĀ  Yun Jeong-Gil, Jung Si-Ah as the stepmother of Yun Tae-O, Jeon Soo-Kyung as the mother of Ga-Rin, Park Yoo Rim as Choe Min-Ah and Jung Yun-Seok as Tae-O’s younger stepbrother Yun Yeong-Ho.


The release date for season 3 of My First Love

After becoming a huge success, the Netflix original series, My First Love has kept the audience wondering if there would be a third season or not. The first season for the series premiered on April 18th, 2019 and only three months later they released its second season on July 26th, 2019, which received a positive response from the audience around the world. Netflix has not announced the release of a third season yet but they also have not denied it. Fans are excited to see how the creators will be able to continue the show since there were no loose endings in the final episode of the second season, even though the ending was not a happy one. Hopefully, Netflix announces the dates soon. we will keep you updated with any new information.

Plot for My First Love Season 3

The plot for the first season starts with Yun Tae-O getting his grandfather’s house as a present for his 20th birthday. Little does he know that living alone would not have all the perks he thought he would get. The story develops into him having to live with housemates, his friends. The second season of the show begins with Tae-O accepting the situation between his best friend Song-i and Do-Hyeon. the story then concludes with everyone understanding what love, family, and friendship actually mean. Fans are speculating that the third season could be a fast forward to the future, where they show all the friends meeting up again after years. There are also rumors that Yun Tae-o and Han Song-i are married and are planning to have children. It will be interesting to see how the show is continued and also hope that Netflix brings another season for the series.


The storyline for the series My First Love

My First Love is a Korean Drama series on Netflix. It is the story about five young adults who have weird encounters with the whole idea of first love, which in their heads are kind of messed up. The story begins when Yun Tae-O and his friends, a college drop-out, a runaway, a childhood best friend, etc. unexpectedly start living together as housemates. It is up to them now to learn how to live together and learn to adjust with each other, along with figuring out their own ideas about the whole concept of true first love.


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