“The Dragon Prince Season 4”: Will “Jack De Sen” return in the upcoming anime series? Click to know abou the plot, cast and more!

The Dragon Prince, since its inception in 2018, has become Netflix’s most successful animated series. With the show revolving around dragons, elves, and humans it captured the attention of audiences across all ages. Is there a Season 4? Looks like we will see more of the magical land!

Release Date: The Dragon Prince Season 4

The show faced the risk of cancellation when allegations began rising against the creator of the show Aaron Ehsaz. However, a confirmed virtual appearance at Comic-Con on July 24, it looks like the show is coming back for good.  Justin Richmond is the co-creator of the show, and a second, and a third season made its way in 2019.

Cast: The Dragon Prince Season 4

The original cast of  Jack De Sena as Callum, Sasha Rojen as Ezran, and Paula Burrows as Rayla are likely to be retained and they are expected to return along with Racquel Belmonte as Claudia, Jesse Inocalla as Soren and Erik Dellums as Aaravos. With 27 hugely successful episodes, the show has expanded into the video game verse.

Plot: The Dragon Prince Season

Season 4 looks beyond exciting with a romantic angle with Callum and Rayla as well as with a darker Viren. With an anti-climatic end of Ezran losing his throne, we can expect him to fight tooth and nail for his throne. Season 4 looks binge-worthy, as an alliance with the elves, will make the show more interesting.  A more powerful version of Ezran is likely and honestly, we cannot wait for Season 4!

Storyline: The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince is an animated show having magic at its core, which is all about the trials and hurdles faced in the land of Xadia. A community of elves, dragons, and humans co-exist in peace and harmony. Greed split the community apart and the show is set years into the future. Misunderstanding soon arises, which will threaten the lives of humans. King Harrow sends his sons, to clear the air. Zym, the dragon heir joins them, to get back to his native land. From there, we see a journey full of hurdles and trials but we also see the characters cross them all with elan.

Viren, the king’s right-hand man who claims his throne in an act of betrayal. Ezran, the heir, fights for his birthright. An alliance is made with the elves,  and their fight becomes stronger.

Xadia is beautiful and the land of The Dragon Prince is full of mystic and delight. The magic is captivating and holds the audience to their seats. The animation, as well as the storyline, is a great throwback to our childhood and the cartoons we love. We begin rooting for the characters as well as for them to achieve their goals.

The show teaches us the important lesson of resilience and fighting for what is right as well as speaking one’s truth. It also shows how important it is to lead a life with honesty and dignity.  There is an underlying lesson to take life as it is and incorporate fun into the things we do. The mountains that we climb can be hard and toiling, but the journey can be made fun if we tried to make it so.


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