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Dark Souls 4: We might have to wait a long time for a new DARK SOULS game, but we might get ELDEN RING soon. Read to know MORE!!!

The release of Dark Souls III back in 2016 was a perfect closure to an incredibly made ARPG and the franchise established itself as one of the most popular and important game franchises in the industry. The game was loved by fans and critics alike. Ever since then, fans have wanted From Software to release a new part for the Souls franchise. The studio came out with “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” in 2018 which incredibly well but it still wasn’t a part of the Souls franchise. Considering the end of Dark Souls 3 was pretty definitive with the Soul of Cinder being defeated, most people believe that the franchise has come to an end. Hidetaka Miyazaki has talked about a possible fourth part sometime in the future though. However, there have been updates about the status of a new game from the studio. Read more to know about the details.

Release Date: “Dark Souls 4”

The studio has not released any statement about a possible release for the fourth part of Dark Souls. Miyazaki did say in some interviews that Dark Souls 3 wasn’t the end of the franchise. However, at present, the studio has its hands full with “Elden Ring”. This is good news since Elden Ring has been in development for a long time now and it is believed that Elden Ring might come out in 2020. The studio announced the game last year at E3 2019 and fans of the franchise are very excited to see the new game be released. This does not, however, bode well for Dark Souls 4 since one can only think it would be several years before a new game in that franchise is released. There are rumors, however, about “Bloodborne 2” possibly being worked upon for a release sometime in the future before we see a new Souls game.

Gameplay: “Dark Souls 4”

Since a fourth Souls game still isn’t confirmed, it’s no use speculating about the gameplay. However, there are rumors about the gameplay of Elden Ring that are worth talking about. For one, the game is being advertised as From Software’s biggest game. There are also rumors about the game being open world and having a huge playable sandbox. Some have claimed that there could be horse riding mechanics in the game and that unlike Dark Souls 3, it will be full of scattered “dungeon-esque” places.  These rumors have fans being skeptical of the game since horse riding could seem out of place for a Souls game. We will have to wait for a gameplay trailer to find out more about the gameplay dynamics of the game.

Trailer: “Dark Souls 4”

From Software officially released a teaser following its announcement for Elden Ring which showed off intricate graphics and another incredibly alluring world of grim battle and lost hope. George R. Martin, of “Game of Thrones” fame, was also a part of this project and is believed to have written the game’s lore. This is certainly a very interesting detail and we wonder how this will change the direction and feel of the game from its traditional roots. There hasn’t been any trailer for Dark Souls 4 obviously since the game is yet to be even confirmed.

While the news of a fourth Souls game being years away is saddening, it does excite us to know that we might have Elden Ring this year or the next. Are you excited to once more delve into Miyazaki’s amazing fantasy world?