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Grand Theft Auto VI: Is Rockstar coming with another GTA SERIES? Click to read about NEW UPDATES and more!!


Grand Theft Auto, popularly known as GTA is an action-adventure game series, whose creators are David Jones and Mike Dailly. The development of the game Grand Theft Auto was primarily done by a British development house called Rockstar North, which was formerly known as DMA Design. The game was published by Rockstar Games, which is also its parent company. The name for this game series, Grand Theft Auto, was taken from the term used for motor vehicle theft in the United States. Grand Theft Auto is available on numerous platforms like Android, iOS, Microsoft, Playstation, Xbox, etc. The first series for the game was released on October 21st, 1997. Grand Theft Auto III, is considered to be a landmark game, since that game was brought out in a three-dimensional setting (3D), making it a better experience for Gamers and GTA fans. The makers made a revenue of over nine billion dollars, making it the franchise’s fourth highest-selling game, after Mario, Pokemon, and Tetris.

Controversies that the game series GTA has had to face

Grand Theft Auto (GTA), even after being titled as the most successful exports by The Telegraph in the year 2013, has had to face many controversies by critiques for following a theme of extreme violence and adult nature. The Guinness World Records announced Grand Theft Auto to be the most controversial video game series in history, under the 2008 and 2009 gamers edition. The game has over 4000 articles written against it, accusing it of having a lot of violence, a connection to crimes in real life, and corruption.


The release date for GTA VI

The first game of the game series Grand Theft Auto released back in 21st October 1997, Grand Theft Auto II in 1999, Grand Theft Auto III in 2001, Grand Theft Auto IV in 2008, Grand Theft Auto V in 2013. There were also other games in relation to GTA which were released in the years in between, which makes it obvious that Grand Theft Auto VI should have released back in 2018 or at least 2019. As of now, there has not been any official announcement by Rockstar Games regarding the release of GTA VI. There has been a speculation that GTA VI will be released by the time of the release of the Xbox Series X and PS 5. Rumour has it that the development of the Grand Theft Auto VI started back in April 2020 but there is no official information or proof to confirm it. After the success of the previous series of the game, there is a high possibility that there will be a sixth part releasing by at least the year 2023.


Majority of the games in the series Grand Theft Auto are set in fictional cities like Vice City, Liberty City, San Andreas, etc. The gameplay of the series puts emphasis on an open world or a virtual world that gamers can approach more freely rather than a limited gameplay. Here, the players are free to choose missions that inturn decides an overall story that they would progress into. The players experience elements like driving, shooting, racing, action, adventure, role-playing, etc. There are many different protagonists in the series, with antagonists who are characters that have a big impact on the progress of the protagonist and his organisation.