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High School DXD Season 5: Will ISSEI and RIAS finally stay together, or will they drift apart?Click to know more on cast, plot and RELEASE DATE!!

High School DXD, an anime series based on a novel of a similar name created by  Ichiei Ishibumi. It debuted on 6th January 2012 and has a total of 4 seasons with 48 episodes. The story envisages the journey of Issei Hyodo, in a period where the angels, fallen angels, and devils are engaged in a conflict. The production house(Studio TNK) remained the same for the 1st 3 seasons. While for the 4th season aka High Scholl DXD Hero, the producer and the rest of the team got separated due to creative differences. Several OVAs were also released emphasizing spin-offs.

Storyline: “High School DXD”

The story revolves around Issei Hyodo, a high school freak. Unfortunately, on his first date his girlfriend Yumma Amano, a fallen angel (Raynare) asks him to die for her sake. After nearly getting killed by his girlfriend, he is resurrected by Rias. Rias is a she-devil who now becomes Issei’s master. Throughout the season, he stays in a serious relationship with Rias.

But as reality dawns upon him, he decides to leave Rias and her occult group as they were all dangerous devils. Issei realizes his secret power and starts an affair with her new girlfriend Asia. But when he realizes about the danger which dawns upon Asia, our hero becomes the knight in shining armor to save his damsel in distress. With Kiba and Koneko’s support, Issei and Raynare get into a deadly fight. Subsequently, Asia confesses her feelings for Issei.

Unfortunately, Asia succumbs to another villain’s deathly attack, leaving a traumatized Issei. But, gradually Asia is resurrected by Vali’s team and all of them embark on their journey for the Rating Games. Unluckily, Issei loses the match but realizes his true feelings for Rias and confesses her.

Plot:” High School DXD Season 5″

This series till Season 4 covers 1o volumes of the novel. So, it is for sure that Season 5 will contain the 11th and 12th installment. We anticipate exploring the Hero oppai dragon’s plot in the upcoming installment. The 5th installment may start from where the previous installment concludes, i.e. Issei’s confession for Rias. We expect to visualize more interesting and amazing twists and turns in their relationship, as well as Issei’s relationships with the other girls. Season 5 is going to be full of thrill.

Release date: “High School DXD Season 5”

Though we anticipate another sequel of this infamous anime series, The producers are yet to announce the series renewal. An official confirmation regarding the same is yet to come. The current pandemic situation has rendered loss for several filmographies including this anime series too. However, we anticipate the release of the official notification along with the series, somewhere towards the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. So, all we can do currently is to stay safe and rewatch the previous installments…

Cast:” High School DXD Season 5″

Imagining the series without the original star cast is quite impossible. The confirmation on star cast is not available due to a lack of official notification regarding the same. The probable lead voice protagonists are-

  •  Rias Gremory ( by Jamie Marchi).
  • Issei Hyoudou (by Josh Grelle).
  • Akeno Himejima (by Bryn Apprill).
  • Asia Argento (by Leah Clark).
  • Ddraig (by Christopher Sabat).

Several new faces will be introduced along with the old star cast.

 Official trailer: “High School DXD Season 5”

Due to the current pandemic situation, no official trailer for the 5th installment is available. But fans are anxiously awaiting the renewal notice as well as the official trailer for the 5th installment. We don’t know how much more we have to wait, but as we know only good things come tot hose who wait… So, let’s stay safe and await the official trailer… Till then let’s rewatch the season 4 trailer for a quick recap.