Made in Abyss Season 2:Will RIKO find her mother?Or will she find other SECRETS about WHITE WHISTLERS?Click here to know RELEASE DATE,Story and more!!

Made in Abyss is an extremely popular and admired Japanese anime series adapted from the manga of the same name. It shows the desperate efforts of a young girl orphaned at a small age to bring back her mother.  Akihito Tsukushi was the writer of the series and its publisher was Takeshobo. The first season was called Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn and consisted of a total of  13 episodes. The Made in Abyss: Wandering Twilight was the movie whose release followed the 1st season and carried the story forward. The very first season of Made in Abyss was released by Kinema Citrus in 2019 in the month of July. As the first season had 13 episodes it consisted and completed almost 3 volumes of the famous manga series. The show is praised and loved by many many movies were released in 2020 as it’s sequels.


Release Date: “Made in Abyss Season 2”

The wait and anticipation for a new season might be over and can expect a renewal in the near  As after its first compilation movie A follow-up movie after the first compilation part was released in Japan. The movie had the title “Dawn of the Deep Soul” and premiered on January 17 of this year and ended with ‘To be continued’ at last which led the way for a follow-up series or another movie. But there still hasn’t been any official announcement regarding any sequel from the show creators. The plans for streaming the current movie in the US was stopped and possibly postponed due to the ongoing pandemic.

Cast: “Made in Abyss Season 2”

The chief protagonist of the series, Riko (narrated by Miyu Tomita ) who is a young girl who was left parentless, belongs to the Ortho town situated in an odd and unusual  Island that has a gaping hole at its center called the Abyss. She begins a friendship with a human-like robot named Reg ( Maria Ise the narrator) and descends into the Abyss to find her mother. We can expect Shiori Izawa,  Nanachi, and Eri Kitaupcoming season but it’s just an assumption. All we can do is wait until any official announcements regarding casting.

Storyline: “Made in Abyss Season 2”

The show captures the life story of a girl named Riko who is an orphan. Her home is the Orphanage at Orth named Belchero Orphanage. The town has a weird and unexplainable pit surrounding the whole town and goes deep into an ending hole in the ground and called the “Abyss”.The Abyss has numerous ancient artifacts of civilization and many looters raid the Abyss for the artifacts and try to take away as much as they can. But the Abyss is mysterious and dangerous and to return back from there I considered a blessing and very few have succeeded in escaping and they tell the horrific encounters from the pit.
We come to know that Riko’s mother was actually a White Whistler and Riko aspires to become like her mother. After some time one day, Riko finds a robot and befriends him. Riko with help of her friends manages to take the robot inside the orphanage. A balloon suddenly appears on top of the hole and the aircraft carries messages from Riko’s mother and through a sign her mother’s location is revealed to be at the bottom of the  Abyss. Finding the notes she leaves immediately with the robot in dear of her mother.

Plot: “Made in Abyss Season 2”

Season 1 ended with Riko descending into the Abyss to continue finding her mother the White Whistler. What will be her experiences? What secrets will she unearth? Will she face hurdles and interruptions in her journey? All these are the questions revolving in minds of Made in Abyss fans. We can be sure that the next season will be packed with more exciting adventures and challenges and revelations. We need to be patient to get back on the ride to experience exciting journeys with Riko and Reg.

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