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The Order Season 3 : Will JACK MORTON be back as Jake Manleya? Click to know more about the PLOT and RELEASE DATE!

“The Order”  is an American horror- drama television series . It is created by “Dennis Heaton” and written by “Heaton”, “Shelley Eriksen”, “Rachel Langer”, “Jennica Harper”,” Penny Gummerson”, and “Jason Filiatraul”. This supernatural series first aired on Netflix on 7 March 2019 and has successfully given 2 seasons with a total of 29 episodes having a running time of approx 45 minutes. The series” The Order “sets its story around dark magic when the college student “Jack Morton” joins the secret magic society and goes deeper and deeper and uncovers the unbelievable secrets of his family. However, the series got the ratings of 6.9/10 IMDb. Soon after the release of the second season, showmakers announced for the next season of the series.

“The Order ” Season 3 – Release Date –

“The series”  the order managed to gain access to its audience interest with both its season. It’s first season banged on Netflix on 7 March 2019 and second aired on 18 June 2020. Soon, after the second season fans are looking for the next season but due to the unseen corona pandemic, we are unable to get any official news from the showmakers about the release date of season 3 of the order. But as there was a time ago of 15 months between season 1 and season 2, we expect season 3 to be out near September of 2021. We all are waiting for it curiously!!!!

“The Order ” Season 3 – Starcast –

Jack Morton as Jake Manleya

Alyssa Drake as Sarah Grey

Gabrielle DupresLouriza as  TroncoNight

StoneKatharine as  IsabelleGinger

Jason Randall  as CarpioAdam

ZappedHamish as DukeThomas

Lilith Bathory as Devery Jacobs


“The Order ” Season 3 – Storyplot –

The order series is a complete mix of drama, horror, magic, werewolves,  ghosts which makes it a fantastic binge-watching show. The story revolves around the college student “Jack” who joins the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, a secret society that intends to teach and practice dark magic. Jack finds the study very interesting and deepens on the circle of magic as he proceeded with the help of his friends and a tour guide Allysa, slowly he discovered dark magical facts about his family and their connection with the magic. And later he got engaged themselves in the fight between the werewolves and the dark magic art practitioners. This story is all about the ghost and the powers and how the person manages all amid the personal problems.

“The Order ” Season 3 – Trailers –

Unfortunately, there is no official trailers yet and there won’t be any until the end of this year.