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Twogether Season 2: Will LEE and JASPER return as the host? Click to read the MAJOR DETAILS about the next season!!

Twogether is a travel documentary created by Cho Hyo-jin, Chang Hyuk-jae, and Go Min-seok for Netflix. The producer of Twogether is Jang Hyuk-jae and the production company is Company SangSang. The first season was premiered on 26 June 2020 with total of eight episodes.

“Twogether”: Synopsis

It is a reality series on Netflix where two celebrities one from Korea, and one from Taiwan visit six Asian cities together to see how far-flung their fans are, complete missions together even though they don’t speak each other’s language, and fans recommends them few cities which they visit throughout the series.

The Korean actor, Lee Seung-gi, who is also a singer, along with Liu Yi-Hao, who goes by the stage name Jasper is also an actor in the Taiwanese film and television series. They’ve met only once, and the director give them all the information what they have to do throughout the series and how to pass the language barrier to successfully complete their mission. Lee and Jasper went on adventures finding clues hidden at a certain place to find that fan, and also, they’re travelling on budget.

Twogether is actually a Korean series, but it is designed as a series which is globally appealing. In time like Covid-19, when people are quarantined in their home and can’t travel, this series is a must-watch to feed the travelers in them as it features amazing scenery and cinematography, alongside the two host who becomes good friends despite the language barrier. The first season was positively received all around the world with extraordinary feedback, and fans are eager to know if there’s a second season of this travel docuseries.

“Twogether”: Is Season Two coming?

The appraisal and adoration for the travel docuseries, “Twogether” is increasing every day, fans are eager to know if Netflix has renewed the series for its second season. Till now there is no official statement from Netflix about Twogether Season 2, as the first season was released just a few days ago and Netflix take around 2-3 months to evaluate the viewership and fan following of the series to renew it for another season. So, keeping in view the eagerness and adoration of the audience it is likely possible that Netflix will renew the series, Twogether for its second installment.

“Twogether”: Cast for season two

We might get to see more of Lee and Jasper, if Twogether gets renewed for another season. It is certain that they will return again as the travel buddies, because fans definitely loved their bond in the first season despite the language barrier and little awkwardness. Well, as of now no official statement has been releasing regarding the cast so, hopefully they will return.

“Twogether”: Plot for season two

There is no information about the plot for the second installment, so, we might expect Lee and Jasper to travel some new cities, complete some adventurous mission, which all will be recommended by their fans in the next season.

“Twogether”: Release Date

Since there is no renewal information about the series, Twogether, it is not certain when the second season will release. Due to the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19, productions have been shut down, and even if it got renewed in a month or so, it won’t be coming out in 2020. Fans anticipated that the second season of Twogether will be coming out in late 2021. Let’s look out for it, shall we?

Till then, catch the series on Netflix enjoy the adventures of Lee and Jasper, and travel the Asian beautiful cities with them just sitting at the cozy corner of your home!