How to Play Erangle 2.0 in Your PUBG Mobile ? [Full Guide]

After waiting from the lot of time, the PUBG Mobile has now confirmed that most awaited map i.e. erangle 2.0 . PUBG Mobile Officially released the redesigned map of the most awaited map erangle 2.0. After the release of this news many of us want to play this new erangle 2.0 map but most of us don’t know how to play erangle 2.0 in your PUBG Mobile. So here is the full guide on which we will provide you the guide of how to play erangle 2.0 in your PUBG Mobile. We will also compare the erangle 1.0 with erangle 2.0 i.e erangle 1.0 vs erangle 2.0

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What is erangle 2.0 is all about?

This erangle 2.0 is is the modified or redesigned version of erangle 1.0. The graphics changed or updated from the many places. The Houses design is redesigned, these graphics looks very pretty. Container color and warehouse graphics are also redesigned. The location name in erangle 2.0 is same as erangle 2.0, only graphics are modified or upgraded. Graphics of erangle 2.0 sometimes looks like pc version of the PUBG Game.

When Erangle 2.0 will Launch ?

Here is the question in many users mind that when erangle 2.0 will launch because everytime before the update we got rumors of erangle 2.0 but we didn’t got yet. So here is the official announcement by PUBG Mobile that erangle 2.0 will be live for all users from the Season 15 or PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 Update. So finally your wait is over for erangle 2.0.

Comparison of Erangle 2.0 with Erangle 1.0 [Erangle 2.0 vs Erangle 1.0] :

If we talk about the comparison of erangle 2.0 with erangle 1.0 then only graphics and designed are changed but the map is fully same as erangle 1.0. Below are some before and after changes in erangle map.

Before Yasnaya Polyana in Eranle 1.0

After Yasnaya Polyana in Eranle 2.0

Before Mylta Power in Erangle 1.0

After Mylta Power in Erangle 2.0

Before Prison in Erangle 1.0

After Prison in Erangle 2.0

So above were comparison of before and after update of erangle 1.0 to erangle 2.0. I know you all are very excited regarding the new update of PUBG Mobile erangle 2.0 but you eagerly want to play erangle 2.0 in your PUBG Mobile. So why are you waiting just read out below guide of how to play erangle 2.0 in your PUBG Mobile. As we all know Erangle 2.0 in not launch for the Global users so you need to install the beta version to play Erangle 2.0

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How to Download and Play Erangle 2.0 in your PUBG Mobile?

In order to play erangle 2.0 in your pubg mobile so firstly you need to download the beta version of PUBG Mobile 1.0.0. So here is the full guide on how to download and install beta version of Pubg mobile 1.0.0 in your device.

How to Download and install beta PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 to Play Erangle 2.0 ?

So follow below all the steps to download and successfully PUBG Mobile Beta 1.0.0 in order to play your most awaited map i.e. erangle 2.0. Since it is a beta version of PUBG Mobile so it will have a lot bugs and glitches and also some crash issues. So follow the below guide to download and install beta version PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 so that you can play Erangle 2.0.

Steps to download Beta PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 to play Erangle 2.0 are :-

  • First of all go to this link and download the official PUBG Mobile Beta 1.0.0 app
  • Now after downloading the beta PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 just install the app
  • After successfully installation go and open your PUBG Mobile beta app
  • Now wait for the beta pubg to be open fully
  • Now on the map section you will get your most awaited erangle 2.0 map
  • just select erangle 2.0 and play your favorite map 🙂

So above was the full guide of how to play Erangle 2.0 in your PUBG Mobile, if you have any problem regarding this issue then do comment below will try to sort out your problem 🙂

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