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Resident Evil 2 is a horror survival video game. Capcom is the developer and Publisher. Resident Evil 2 released on January 25, 2019, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and is a remake of the 1998 game. Initially, Capcom considered the remake of Resident Evil 2 back in 2002, after the remake of the first Resident Evil. But, as the series creator focused on the development of the then-upcoming Resident Evil 4(2005), it received a delay. Later, In August 2015, Capcom announced the Resident Evil 2 remake. Furthermore, Capcom also released the gameplay footage at E3 2018, along with the first trailer.

Resident Evil 2 remake received critical acclamation from both critics and gamers. The gameplay, presentation, and faithfulness to the original video game received high praise. It also received several award nominations, which includes the set of the year.  Resident Evil 2 sold 6.6 million copies and outsold the original game by March 2020.

Resident Evil 2: Setting

The game begins in September 1998 in Raccoon City, two months after Resident Evil. The citizens of the city have mostly become mindless zombies, through a viral bioweapon T-virus by the Umbrella Corporation. The game starts outside the town at a gas station. Here a college student Claire Redfield is looking for her brother Chris Redfield. She happens to have a chance meeting with a rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy.

The duo of the college student and the Police officer separate after a car accident. However, the two decide to meet at the city’s Police department. The police department building has Zombies and other monsters, like the Tyrant. The monsters are out on a hunt to kill any survivors. Leon and Claire come across various obstacles and creatures, preventing them from the meeting, as they try to escape the city.

Resident Evil 2: Gameplay

Resident Evil 2 remake is different from the 1998 original video game. The newer version does not use the tank controls and fixed camera angles. Moreover, it features an over the third shoulder person shooting gameplay, which is similar to Resident Evil 4. It also allows the players for movement while using their weapons.

The remake is different from the original as it AutoSaves and allows the players to save as much as they like inside safe rooms. However, if the hardcore mode is on, the player must collect and use a finite number of ink ribbons to save the game progress.

Like the previous game, it has the option to play via the primary campaign as either of the two characters. The story moves forward according to the aspect chosen by the player.

Each character has a different variation in the gameplay of Resident Evil 2. The exceptions include subplots, accessible areas, available items, weapons, and the final boss battle. Moreover, much like the original version both storylines, offer a supporting character, which is playable in a specific section of the game.  Mysterious woman, Ada Wong, is the supporting character of Leon’s story, while Sherry Birkin is the character from Claire’s story.

Resident Evil 2 remake also brings the 4th Survivor and the tofu survivor, which are minigames. These minigames are unlockable after finishing the 2nd run. The 4th Survivor has the Umbrella corporation operative, and the players need to travel from the sewers outside of the police station. And while doing so, they must face a massive number of enemies and obstacles. While in the Tofu Survivor, the players encounter the same scenario, but in place of the operative, there are anthropomorphic tofu armed with knives. The newer version of the video game adds unlockable characters like Konjac, Uirō-Mochi, Flan, and Annin Tofu, with a single loadout.

Resident Evil 2: Cheat Codes

The remake of Resident Evil 2 has cheat codes in a shortage. However, the players are not entirely out of luck if they require a little help. Below are a complete set of cheat codes to gain some shortcuts. By using the cheat codes, the players can get some useful items in the order.

  •  The Lion Statue Lock has the code  – Lion, Leafy Branch, Bird.
  • For the initials of Rookie’s first assignment West Office, the cheat code for the Left Lock: N.E.D. and for the Right Lock: M.R.G.
  • The Dial lock of 3F Stairs has the code  D.C.M., which is on a film roll.
  • For the lock solution of the Unicorn Statue, the cheat code is- Fish, Scorpion, Vase.
  • The dial lock of Men’s Locker Room has the cheat code – C.A.P. – which is in a note in the room attached to the operations room.
  •  The solution of the West Office – Left 9, Right 15, Left 7, which is in the official memo of the S.T.A.R.S.
  • For the Maiden Statue Lock, the cheat code is- Woman, Bow, Snake.
  • For the safe solution of the Waiting Room Safe – Left 6, Right 2, Left 11, which is in the Confiscation Report File.
  •  The dial lock of the control room has the cheat code – S.Z.F., which is in the Jazz Festival Flyer
  • For the Treatment Pool Room Safe, the cheat code is- Left 2, Right 12, Left 8; it is on the side of safe.
  • Greenhouse Control Room Code 1, cheat code is – F, II, two small L shapes, and F, and is found on top of the ladder.
  • Greenhouse Control Room Code 2, cheat code is – Two L, L, I, a big square above a little square, and a thicker I, and is below the trophy at the bottom.

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