Best 5 Anime Like Hundred if You’re Looking for Something Similar!

You have to believe me when I say that I can’t go many days without having the urge to knock off one or two people. I am sure you must feel the same on your worst days. What do you do when you get the urge? I, for one, watch a good action anime series – Hundred is one such series that does it for me.

With only 12 episodes available to stream, Hundred has not fulfilled the void effectively. Therefore, we have compiled a list of five other anime shows similar to Hundred just for you. Keep reading to know if your favourite series made it to the list!


Hundred is more than just a weapon – it is the only hope that humanity can afford right now when the aliens are a threat to it. “Savage” or so the threat is called, is dangerous and life-endangering. A teenage boy named Hayato Kisaragi is the only person who has the ability to pilot Hundred. The series revolves around him and others who fight the Savage to protect the world from its clutches.

Anime Like Hundred :

Below are the list of 5 best Anime like Hundred


Accel World is all about action, sci-fi and everything fantastical. The series comes with brilliant characters, interesting story and climactic war scenes. The story is about a high school student Haruyuki Arita who is an avid video-game player. A victim of bullying in school, he somehow manages to get the school’s heartthrob and Brain Burst’s player Kuroyukihime’s attention through his skills. Brain Burst is a fighting game that rewards the winners abilities and augmentation skills IRL. They partner up and try to get to the highest rank, so they can meet up with the game’s creator and ask him about the original intention of the game.


The series runs for a total of thirteen episodes only, easy to watch and jam-packed with exciting bits. The story revolves around Aragami and God Arcs who fight off the former. Aragami are strange creatures that have turned into cannibals. The only way to defend oneself is by making use of Aragami-infused weapons “God Arcs.” God Arc of one of the recruits, Soma, exhibit new behaviour in between a sword and a rifle because of his enthusiasm to help in restoring peace in the world. Equipped with this new tool, humanity has a real chance in defending itself against Aragami.


The show takes its story from a manga series by the same name. since the manga continues to be published, there are chances of new episodes as well. So if you are looking for a series for a long-term basis, this might be the one for you.

We can relate to the story of this anime series a little bit – pandemic hovers in the world with people dying off from an unknown disease. The few people who survive the disease have to face another challenge that surfaces – the vampires. The vampires are capturing and enslaving the people into facilities. Yuichiro comes forward in order to save the people of the world from these blood-thirsty vampires.  With this mission in mind, he gets recruited to a human resistance faction that is working to restore peace to the world. They have weapons in possession that can slay the vampires for good. To this end, Yuichiro and others take up their weapons and venture ahead to slash these vampires and bring the world to its foot again.


Have you ever had a dream where you are running from zombies, hiding behind cars and buildings to escape their notice? Cause I have. This anime series is strikingly similar to the dreams that I had a long time ago. Here the story goes:

It is the end of the world. There are living corpses (you read it right) who are thirsty for human blood and flesh are roaming around your neighbourhood. The people have sealed themselves in stations walled with tough iron-walls. All goes well until a train crashes into the wall. What would you know on board were the infected corpses. An engineer there named Ikon is bitten by one such corpse but he survives. It turns out that he was among the few immune people who are called Kabane. The Kabane begins working to rescue humanity from their invaded native place into a new place. However, this would not be easy; they would have to fight many zombies along wherever they choose to go.


This anime series became a hit as soon as it came. With enough chills and twists, the show made for a good one. The story is similar to the other series on the list; however, this one brings a lot of suspense with many characters getting killed as the show goes on. The story is about a boy who wants to see the world outside. Eren Jaeger has stayed inside the walls of his huge city for most of his life. Now, things change for him when a huge Titan invades their walls bringing in a cluster of man-eating monsters into their vicinity. Eren, therefore, makes a promise to himself that he will wipe these creatures out and bring the world back to normal.

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