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Ark: Survival Evolved (ΛRK) is a survival video game, full of action and adventure. Studio Wildcard is the developer, along with Instinct Games, Virtual Basement and Efecto Studios. The activity-based video game is either a first-person perspective or a third-person perspective.

The development for the game began in October 2014. Later, in the middle of 2015, early title access released on PC, finally in 2017, the play premiered for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. Furthermore, in 2018, versions for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch release. Ark: Survival Evolved, received mixed reviews. The game received criticism for its challenging gameplay and dependence on grinding. As downloadable content, several expansions to the game premiered. Moreover, two spin-off games released in March 2018. ARK Park and Sandbox Survival game PixARk were part of the game franchise, along with companion apps: A-Calc and Dododex.

Ark: Survival Evolved- Gameplay

Ark: Survival Evolved, is a survival game in an environment with an open world. It includes a day and night cycle and played via a first-person or third-person perspective. For survival, players must develop a base, using fire and weapons. Players also have additional activities including feeding and taming dinosaurs. Moreover, the players also require other resources

The game consists of 176 creatures, inhabiting the Ark world. The monsters in the previous versions of the game were mostly real dinosaurs, along with other prehistoric animals. However, with the progression of the video game, mythical creatures joined in the Ark. The mythical creatures include wyvern, manticore, and phoenix. Later on, with further expansions, original animals also joined, like the Karkinos and the Velonasaur. Along with the originals, robotic creatures’ also became a part of the game, including the Enforcer and Scout.

The chief game mechanic for Ark is the taming of creatures. While some of the animals are tamable, others like Meganeura or Titanomyrma are impossible to tame. The taming process for each being varies. For particular creatures, taming is severe, the player must knock the beast. The player can also use tranquillizing projectiles like tranq darts or blunt weapons, such as a club. Most often, players need to keep the dinosaurs sedated for the entire process of taming.

A track must be kept for various meters by the Players. The multiple meters include health, stamina, oxygen, hunger, thirst, and weight; they can carry. Injury of the players results in the damage of the health meter. The player must consume the necessary food to regenerate the health meter. After gaining experience, the player wins a level point. The level point helps in improving the stats, including include max health, max stamina, max oxygen, max food meter, max water meter, max carry weight, melee damage, movement speed, and crafting gear. Until June 2020, the maximum player level was 105.

Throughout the game, players build structures in the Ark. The players can manufacture structures which include floors, doors and windows. The parts are of the resources found in the world of the Ark, which is accessible as the player progresses and gains levels. Any structure can be created, as long as the player has logistics and the required resources.

Ark: Survival Evolved- Admin Commands

To find success and to make the world of Ark a less complicated place, the admin commands and the cheat codes are the secrets. The easiest way to make Ark: Survival Evolved more comfortable is to make adjustments in the game, via Ark admin commands.

Admin commands, are not Ark Cheats, but they amend the game, to allow easier access to resources. They are also known as console commands.

By pressing the TAB key, you can open the console, and then start using the Ark console commands. However, most authorities require the “Enable Cheat” command, along with the “Enable Cheats for Player” control. It is essential to use the Enable cheat command before using the other powers.

Following are some of the console commands:

  • God – Avoids all damage, except for drowning.
  • InfiniteStats – fills up your health, stamina, oxygen, food, and water.
  • GMBuff – Gives extra points, along with the combination of God and InfiniteStats effects.
  • EnemyInvisible – No creature will harm or affect you.
  • LeaveMeAlone – a combination of God, InfiniteStats, and EnemyInvisible effects
  • ChangeSize [value] – Character size adjustments
  • Fly –Enables your character to fly.
  • Ghost – Enables your character to pass through things, but not in the no-clip mode.
  • Walk – Reverses the Ghost or Fly command.

Ark: Survival Evolved- Cheat codes

Following is a list of some of the cheat codes, for smoother progression in the game:

  • GiveWeaponSet: Gives you all the weapons in a specified tier.
  • GiveArmorSet: Spawns you a full armour set, is a specified quality and tier.
  • GiveItemSet: Gives you all the items in a specific tier.
  • GiveResources: Spawns, into your inventory 50 units of each resource.

The following commands can also come in handy to spawn yourself or other players:

  • GiveItem [BlueprintPath] [Quantity] [Quality]
  • GiveItemNum [ItemNum] [Quantity] [Quality]
  • GiveItemToPlayer [PlayerID] [BlueprintPath] [Quantity] [Quality]
  • GiveItemNumToPlayer [PlayerID] [ItemNum] [Quantity] [Quality]

In the above commands, Quantity is the number added of the items, while Quality is the option for the weapons and armour.


  • GiveEngrams – Helps in unlocking all recipes of crafting.
  • GiveEngramsTekOnly – Gives access to unlocking all Tek engrams.
  • GiveColors [Quantity] – Spawns the requested amount of each Dye.

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