To Fix “Apex Legend Crashing” Issues of 2020 Solution: Three Ways to Fix “Crashing Mid Games” of “Respawn”


Recently Apex Legends openly launched to the public continues its path in shooter games to be one of the most popular “Battle Royales” in the game world. It got a swift response of 50 million players in its first month at the same time it becomes an instant favourite and attractive spot among the players from various regions. And, it centres exceptionally on the players who are running after fame, the glory in the world game. It stands out for its Brilliant Gameplay and Excellent Visuals which are the master key.


Unfortunately, Apex like all the games it has its fair of bugs. The game’s structure of heavy graphics and power consumption make it impossible for the lower-spec PC players. Even for good computers, players report on the crash issue since January 2020. Which are you may occasionally run into cheaters, of rare server lag spikes which leads your character to slow down dramatically,  Apex Legends crashing mid-game is more annoying in this issue. Mainly, it’s not due to crashes in every game, but for Respawn to implement a reconnect feature for this game.

Concerning Apex Legends we come to know a lot of reviews regarding the game model and well-known experts were interviewed in the gaming industry how the game has reached to every player. Most of them consider this game as worth playing also of more advantage levels in it. Some disagree in fixing Apex Legends crashing mid-game which will be a waste of time. Below an analysis of a detailed article written based on gaming expert Thomas Morrison from reputable gaming source Casino Valley. Admittedly, it will make a good impression for you.

To fix Apex Legends crashing mid-game Solutions:

For the cause of crashing, there are multiple reasons why it is continuously occurring for Apex legends. Other than Respawn’s server performance, most of it is because of hardware compatibility issues. For most players in this game here are the instructions if you fix these issues, completing the work almost done. Here are the solutions the players found and worked for on them to solve the problem, now in the current platform, the following three solutions are being the most successful.

Solution No 1 to fix Apex Legends crashing Mid-Game:

1. The first step is to look out on the search tab for the Graphics Setting Page
2. Click the Browse option.
3. Here you can Find the Origin Games folder > Apex > Apex
4. After that steps, go and double click the “r5apex.exe”, then Apex Legends option will add up on the Graphic setting page.
5. Then Click the Options screen.
6. Set in the “High performance” the graphics performance
7. Go back to the option Origin Games folder > Apex > Apex
8. Afterwards Right-click “r5apex.exe” > properties option.
9. The last step in this solution is to Tick in the box for “Run this program as an administrator” under compatibility at the same time for “Disable full-screen optimizations” untick the checkbox.

Solution No 2 to fix Apex Legends crashing Mid-Game:

1. Go to the Launch Origin > Games Library
2. There in the Apex Legends game photo Click Right.
3. Then Head to the Game properties > Advanced launch options.
4.  Depending on your monitor’s refresh rate, and also under Command-line arguments copy past either of the options. For using a 60hz monitor in the first option – refresh 60 -GameTime.MaxVariableFps 60, and for the second option which uses a 140hz monitor – refresh 140 -GameTime.MaxVariableFps140.
5. Move to go to “Origin” at the top left-hand corner of the option after the Application settings then More at the end Origin in-game.
6. Ensure the turn off of “Enable Origin.”

Solution No 3 to fix Apex Legends crashing Mid-Game:

1. In solution three firstly launch the game client of the Apex Legends.
2. At the bottom right of your screen, click the setting icon in the game.
3. Then Click the option video tab.
4. Click right under Display Mode and switch on to the options until you get to see “Borderless Window.”
5. Switch on to V-sync alternatives to see “Triple Buffered.”
6. Set FPS Target to 50 in the Adaptive Resolution.
7. At last, enable the Adaptive option super-sampling.

Respawn cleared up the problem of the Game Crashing:

The first season launching has just happened now. That stops the game from crashing, for this collection of patch notes does not yet reveal any fix implements. It said that they have added up a crash reporting system so that in the future it will help to fix the issues. Respawn however fixed a bug which crashed upon opening Apex packs of the client.

Crashing Fixes of Apex Legends

Firstly, the most important thing is to Update your Driver with the latest version which optimizes and fix issues in the game. Next Downgrade the driver it is because it’s not easy for the game with a new update which leads crash so roll back the updates. Disable G-Sync or Freesync which the video comes with sync are not compatible for this game, it stops freezing or crashing. Ensure mostly to Update Operating System and the Graphical Drive, which are the minimum requirement to play the game. On the desktop shortcut icon try right-clicking, then run “Troubleshoot Compatibility” before you launch the app.  Before running this option, confirm that the app is closed.

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